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The content is very student focused with an emphases on plain simple language
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Novice Section

This section of the site offers a straight to the point perspective of WR teachings. The content is designed to illuminate the path for your own exploratory journey. WRC must be discovered for one’s self.

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Wave & Cube

A more advanced approach to WRC. This content assumes you have done an appreciable amount of reading, studying and contemplation of WR teachings. This section aims for you to develop your internal dialogue.

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Metaphysical Section

This section offers reasonable conclusions and implications of WRC. The content is designed to offer part of the solution, leaving to to continue to join the dots for yourself.

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Tying it all together

This collection of pages attempts to develop a reasonable device design strategy.

Team - Trinity

Key players making WRC possible

Aristides Tavares dos Santos

Hosting Manager
Aristides is a java developer, scholar and WRC researcher. He provides hosting for WRC.


aha_144 writes and formats the site content. The philosophy is to try to keep the content as close to WR teachings as possible not allowing his message to become too diluted by external (MSS) influences. I have no social media presence :)

Mareks Prenclavs

Technical Support
Mareks is an enlightened soul, a bright light in the east. He has his finger on the Cosmic pulse and is an example of the future I want to be part of.
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Blog posts are only snippets of the big picture. They are designed to stimulate your internal dialogue


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