18 Dimensions

18 Dimensions

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Don’t panic, we are not about to enter the world of hyper-dimensional physics. A dimension within WRC is simply a parameter, property or characteristic that describes a particular state of motion. A dimension is therefore a measurable property of motion.
Temperature for example, (8th dimension) is an indicator of imbalance manifesting within a state of matter. Remember, true balance and stability lies in the zero universe of Stillness. The closer an expression of matter manifests to this zero condition the more ‘stable’ it will appear. The inert gases are an obvious example. The further an expression is from the zero plane the least stable it really is but the more stable it appears to be !
Carbon is the state of motion which manifests at the furthest extension from the zero plane and as such great gyroscopic motion is necessary to create the illusion of true stability.

Tip 1
Carbon manifests as a result of maximum speed of orbital revolution (short years) AND minimum axial rotation (very long days). An inert gas manifests as a result of minimum speed of orbital revolution (very long years) AND maximum axial rotation (short days).
Don’t be fooled into thinking that the inert gas condition is in some way static. The dimensions which describe any state of motion INTERCHANGE constantly with one another. When speed increases in one dimension, torque decreases in another dimension. When pressure increase in one direction, pressure will decrease in the opposite direction. The universal constant never changes, as one side of the equilibrium is multiplied the opposite side of the equilibrium is divided to maintain the universal constant.
Tip 2
There is an apparent oxymoron which is necessary to know. Motion does stop at the anode (carbon) and also at the cathode (inert gas).
At the anode, maximum orbital revolution is achieved when the axis about which the body is orbiting aligns with the rotational axis.
Remember, the body has stopped rotating on its axis to maximise its ability to accumulate potential.
The two centers become one. Likewise, when maximum axial rotation is achieved the axis of rotation will align with the axis centering the expanded orbital cone base. Once again, the two axes will have merged into one.
The Creator Mind has developed the whole Idea of Creation. This Idea will never be created. The Creation Idea will be simulated. This simulation will be an image of the overall Creation Idea. The image will be projected creating a 3D simulation of the Creation Idea.
A Thinking Mind will thus generate Thought-Bodies which will impart motion to the 3D images to make the illusory simulation ‘appear’ to be the only reality.
Our sensing apparatus has been designed to interface and interact with these moving stimuli. To our sensing this is the only reality they can perceive. To our non-sensing spiritual true SELF we can Know how this illusion is generated, projected, and degenerated to create the stimuli to satisfy our sensing. We can therefore Know the True Reality and our place and connectivity to the True Reality.

These 18 dimensions are intimately connected to one another. As one dimension is modified within an expression of matter all other dimensions for the particular expression adjust themselves to maintain the overall universal constant for that particular expression.
This is Nature’s way of talking to us. She is telling in great detail the nature of the motion contained within an expression of matter.
Every effect of motion is recorded by Mother Nature. Her book keeping system utilises 18 different ways of telling the story of a particular state of motion. It is the combination of these 18 dimensions that describe and define all aspects of perceived motion.

Dimension 1

(Metaphysical property)

Fig : 1
Fig : 2

The Creation Idea is never divided, it does though appear to be divided. It is this apparent division which sets the scale of the idea to be expressed.
The only true reality is universe of Stillness of Mind. A dimensionless universe of non-motion. A universe of the pure Light of Mind.
This dimensionless universe in represented in Fig : 1 as a point of infinite potential. Our entire sensed universe is projected from this point.
Mind is all that exists, so the concept of this 'single' point must be expanded to indicate that Mind is omnipresent and thus is everywhere at once. This black image is not space, rather it is the expression of the pure Mind of the Creator, the majestic Stillness from which a 3D simulation is projected.
Mind wishes to express the Creation Idea and the process of Mind Thinking apparently divides the Idea into two.
To help visualise this apparent division imagine the Creator Mind as the centering fulcrum with arms extended left/right. Effectively we have extended the point to a plane. Mind centers that plane and the levers are suitably dimensioned to simulate the Idea.
Every future projection will be divided into an octave, even the +1 conditions. The +1 condition may not extend as far as a +4 condition but its levers will still be divided into an octave. Although I have shown an apparent division within the universe of Stillness, every point is the same point, and as such the universe of motion can appear from any point alone the plane.
The expression for carbon requires the greatest distance between L-R (fig : 2). When distance L-R is maximum then carbon can be projected, and when the distance L-R is minimum an inert gas can be projected.
WR often refers to this apparent division as 'motion-in-inertia'.

Dimension 2

(Metaphysical property)

Fig : 3
Fig : 3b

The conditions outlined for dimension # 1 can now be extended so that dimension 2 always remains 90° offset from dimension 1.
Fig : 3 indicates a plane coming from and receding into the screen. It is now possible to define the area of the proposed projection.
Plane 1/2 in effect defines the extension of the E/W poles of which there are two.
This will be the seed pattern of the equatorial region for spherical matter and form.
Fig : 3a also forms the blue print for a radial thought-body. This thought-body must contain the fully developed image of the Idea.
It will therefore contain all the components for the +1, +2, +3 and +4 stages of growth and development. It is no surprise that the loops of force which develop around a current carrying wire adopt this thought-body profile ! Those loops of force know to man are mimicking exactly the pattern already marked out in the plane of Concept.
This plane of Concept is where Thinking Mind operates. As Mind concentrates to fine tune expression of Idea the wide cone base in Fig :3a contracts and becomes tighter about the central 0,0,0 point. When full concentration is complete the cone base will have compressed to a compressed disk (2D sphere) centered by the 0,0,0 point.
When Mind decentrates, this state of compression will return to the expanded cone base which is a sphere in expanded form.
These concentrative/decentrative, compression/expansion cycles are Mind Thinking and the effect of that thinking is the production of 3D images, a moving replica of that Thinking within the universe of motion.
Remember, the central (0,0,0) point is not simply one location within the universe. That (0,0,0) point is simultaneously everywhere. Mind is thus everywhere at once, it is omnipresent. So the full potential of Mind can be reproduced anywhere. Every possibility of Mind can thus emerge from any point in the universe. The universe has thus infinite potential to express itself.

Dimension 3

(Metaphysical property)

Fig : 4
Fig : 5
Fig : 6

The conditions outlined for dimensions 1/2 can now be extended so that dimension 3 always remains 90° offset from dimension 1/2.

The dimensions of the wave field have now been set as a measure of the Desire to express Idea.
The internal planes and the external boundary planes are motionless and indicate the presence of Mind in its own creation.
Mind therefore, centers and surrounds every single expression of the Creation Idea, expressed within the simulation through motion.
The dimensions of the wave field match EXACTLY the desire to express, and therefore, motion can never extend beyond the wave field boundary because the wave field boundary defines the limit of desire.
Because of the orientation of the 3 central planes the main wave field is now sub-divided into 8 smaller cubic sections.

When Cosmic Mind has marked off its desire to express its Idea on all 3 projection planes, WR describes this condition as, a series of rings. As indicated in Fig : 6, this series of rings constitute the Thought-Body of God's Thinking process, the negative pattern which will be projected into the 8 sub-sections areas indicated in Fig : 5.
Remember, the further away from plane an expression manifests the more it will be perceived as solid and firm. The closer an expression manifests to plane the more God like it will behave, nebulous and inert gas like.
Remember, wave fields are fixed by desire to express, but if that desire increases then the wave field will also adjust itself in exactly the same measure.
Fig : 6 is a 2D not a 3D pattern. If you imagine each plane in turn, the pattern imprinted onto those planes are flat. The 3D image will be projected into areas between the planes.

Fig : 6a
Fig : 6b

The apparent division of the Light of Stillness (Magnetic Light) into a dimensioned pattern within a single wave field as indicated in
Figs : 2, 4, & 6 is repeated at harmonic distances in and between all wave fields.

It is these harmonic distances which define the wave field dimensions which then facilitate the image of a particular state of motion.
Note, each expression remains confined within its own wave field dimension. This marking out is only an apparent division of the One Light Substance. There is as yet no projection into the universe of motion.
These images describe the universe of stillness, where the idea to be expressed has been marked out and repeated in harmonic measure to infinity. These harmonic intervals create the impression of spacing out and division, but Mind is the same everywhere along this isolated axes. So, in the universe of Stillness, no spacing out occurs, it just that spacing out occurs !
It is this apparent harmonic spacing out in motion-in-inertia that creates the illusion that a cubic structure best represents the condition of REST and non-motion. Remember also, ALL dimensions CONTRACT on their outward journey from the zero plane to mass, likewise, ALL dimensions expand on the return journey from mass to the zero plane.

Dimension 3

(Physical property)

Fig : 6c
Fig : 6d

Our senses respond to the motion which manifests within these 8 sub-sections indicated in Fig : 5
The further the expression manifests away from the projection planes the more solid and firm the appearance of matter. The closer the expression of the Creation Idea manifests to the internal planes the more nebulous and gaseous the appearance of matter.
If the intersection of the 3 internal planes is defined as (o.0.0), then the straight path from (0,0,0) to the diagonal corner of the cubic section represents a path which lies at the maximum distance from the 3 internal planes. In section 6 for example, any manifestation which does not lie on this diagonal will be by definition closer to one of the internal planes. Therefore, the point of maximum opposition to the central (0,0,0) must be its own diagonal corner.
Mind now brings the seed to life by acting as the fulcrum of the thought-body. As Mind continues to think and express desire to manifest those thought-bodies, the levers appear to leave the universe of Stillness and begin their journey from low potential to high potential and back again.
The original Concept now appears to have been divided into two moving opposites, whose motion responds simultaneously to the other.
See how apparent shaft of Stillness now pivots on a central fulcrum to create the illusion of projection of Concept as a moving image.
Loops of force are set into spinning motion and these loops circulate about this shaft. It is the circulation of Light Units within these loops of force that our sensing detects as motion.
Remember, as motion increases and density is accumulated, these levers withdraw in closer to the central fulcrum !

Fig : 7

The Physical Universe comes into being.
Note, the positive projection (motion-in-opposition) of the negative image (motion-in-inertia) will be in reverse !
Therefore the maximum expanded condition of the inert gas may be represented as an expanded very nebulous sphere.

This expanded low potential condition will now be compressed over time (figs : 8/9/10) into a very compact high potential state of motion.

Fig : 8
Fig : 9
Fig : 10

Fig : 8 represents the expanded universe beyond our sensing.
Fig : 9 represents the compression of the inert gas into visible matter, while Fig : 10 represents the maximum compression of the expanded inert gas to form and matter, a sun.

Dimension 4

Fig : 11

In the dimensionless universe, the only true reality, time has no meaning. Time as a dimension can only manifest when motion is present.
Because Mind is omnipresent, no time is consumed in transferring an Idea in Concept to any point/plane for expression. Idea is already everywhere awaiting expression. However, time comes into begin as a necessary dimension of motion, because it takes time to overcome inertia, and battle resistance in order to accumulate potential. It also takes time to radiate that accumulated potential back to plane.
When motion stops, time and all other dimensions cease to be. Time is a measure of the duration to accumulate potential. Time is consumed during the motion of a wave cycle. Time has no other function other than to record the duration of wave cycles.

Remember, 'reproduction' means repeating the generative/radiative cycle.
In order to accumulate potential, these reproduction intervals are lengthened. The wave lengths increase and the frequency decreases.
Every octave has its own specific time limit to reproduce the positive image from the negative image in Concept.
In other words, the lower the potential of a state of motion the higher its frequency of reproduction.
Power-time may be defined as slow axial rotation but fast orbital revolution.
Speed-time may be defined as fast axial rotation but slow orbital revolution. This idea will be expanded with dimension 12/13.
Time has no meaning other than as a recorder of sequences of motion. When motion disappears, time ceases to be.

Dimension 5

Sex and desire to express Idea are essentially the same dimension. Sex can also be expressed as a direction. The desire to express division will therefore push the two opposite expression of the same one Idea as far away from one another as possible. Then, the desire to reunite those apparently opposite expressions back into the original seed will cause those separate expression to seemingly attract one another back to their common origin.
Sex comes into being when division occurs. When one is divided into two separate aspects of that one. The desire to express an image of Idea is male, and the desire to remove that image is female. The sex principle is not unique or confined to organic life. All expression of matter and form must exhibit a sex desire into to manifest in or withdraw from the universe of motion-in-opposition.

Dimension 6

Every aspect of the simulated universe is defined and characterised by these 18 dimensions. If matter moves 1 inch in any direction these 18 dimensional properties will react to that motion and record that movement by altering the internal potential distribution among the 18 parameters. This new realignment of the internal potentials could trick our sensing into believing that a new form of matter or a new particle has been created. This is particularly true when man observes the rapidly changing potential of expanding matter at the quantum level, believing there are many, many different particles present, when the same realignments are occurring.

A change in temperature for a particular expression will have a knock on consequence for the expression of volume. Every inch between the universal anode/cathode varies in potential, and thus varies in temperature. Therefore, matter is in continuous motion. The boiling point of water varies depending on the altitude. the lower the vapour pressure the lower the boiling point of the water.
The pressure surrounding mercury is so great, mercury is held as a tight dense sphere, but move mercury out to saturn's position and mercury would expand if not explode entirely. Do you see how opposed pressures work together. They each need the other !
This simple example should serve as a warning to science. Matter will not and does behave in a uniform way when in different pressure zones. Mercury manifests as Mercury because of where it is, but move mercury to Saturn's orbit and Mercury will become more Saturn like.
This implies any space probe made on the Earth will always struggle to remain a compressed probes while negotiating the far lower pressure conditions of outer space.
If there was no opposed pressure, then like water boiling at a lower temperature at altitude, ALL matter would expand to the uniformity of expanded space and thus disappear. The perceived universe would cease to be. Likewise, if compression was not resisted then ALL matter would compress into a homogeneous inflexible mass, a condition beyond our sensing. Our perceived universe floats between two opposed forces, one a force of compression, and the other a force of expansion. Between them they facilitate the manifestation of matter to come into being at various opposed pressure intersections.
If matter tends to float closer to the anode then it will manifest with more anode character. Like seeks like. Matter will therefore exhibit more rigidity, higher melting point, greater density, more solidity. If matter tends to accumulate closer to the cathode, then it will behave with more cathode character. Like seeks like. Matter will thus exhibit, less rigidity, more nebulous, less density with low melting points.
Every inch between the universal anode/cathode varies in potential, and thus varies in pressure.

Imagine, a vessel pressurised to 3 atmospheres. If you now attach a pressure gauge to this vessel it would read 3 atm. recording for you, the high pressure condition inside the vessel. If you attached a colour gauge, it might indicate orange/yellow recording the high pressure condition inside the vessel. If you attached a siren to the same vessel you would easily hear the high pressure condition inside the vessel.
If you attached a speed gauge to this vessel it would record a low speed of axial rotation but a high speed of orbital revolution recording as they would the high pressure condition inside the vessel. If you attached a ‘crystallography’ gauge to the vessel, it might read simple uncomplicated crystal structure indicative of the high pressure condition inside the vessel. If a temperature gauge was attached to the vessel, it would register an elevated temperature.
No matter what the internal pressure condition, all dimensions will adjust themselves to record within themselves an accurate reflection of the vessel conditions.
Fig : 12

All expressions of matter exhibit and extend a pressure condition about themselves as an indicator of the state of motion of the body itself.
The Earth could not fall to the Sun, nor the moon fall to Earth for this very reason. ALL secondary bodies move away from their primaries from this very reason. If the axial rotation of the Earth could be slowed in some way so that it could accumulate mass, then once accumulated the Earth would move to a location closer to the Sun. It's pressure wall would be able to push back harder against the Sun's outward pressure !
In the case of the Earth this equi-potential divide @ C would equate to the standard atmospheric pressure of 15 lbs/in2
This is a two-way universe of opposed motion. There is no place in the universe that is without opposed motion. Man's tends to think that motion is one-way only. If man wanted to manifest a force of 4, he would move his vector 4 force units away from the origin, simple. Nature does not work this way. Nature always uses a universal constant of expression, and divides/multiplies her expression so that that constant is never exceeded.
If the Universal Constant = 10 then in order for Nature to create a force of 4 she must prevent that expression manifesting 10. All expression wants to explode outwards and return all the accumulated potential back to Stillness. A two-way universe of motion is necessary to prevent this from happening.

Fig : 12a
Fig : 12b
Fig : 12c

Fig : 12a indicates how Nature employs two-way motion. The desire for all expression is to explode, not adhere to a force of gravity. Nature registers an outward force of 4 by opposing that outward force by a force of 6 !!! She holds the 4 in place. We can now sense the 4 and have not awareness of the opposing force (6) holding that 4 in place !
Fig : 12b indicates how the pressure walls for the locked potentials for the generative half of the cycle are constructed. A +1 growing condition is prevented from running immediately to the +4 condition by an opposing force holding it in place in the +1 pressure zone.
Fig : 12c indicates that between any anode/cathode there are infinite pressure zones, each one held in place by an opposed force. The Cosmic Anode/Cathode have between them therefore, an infinite series of pressure zones set up by opposed two-way motion. any body which now finds itself in this differential pressure zone will move between the Cosmic Anode/Cathode to find balance with this two-way opposed environment.

Dimension 7

This is an electric universe. Every inch between the universal anode/cathode varies in electrical potential. Potential is an accumulation of something, and that something is Light Units. Potential implies a condition or state of motion that is not homogeneous. Once a difference of any sort is introduced into an otherwise homogeneous condition then a division has been introduced and the two sides of that division are separated by an equator or a plane.
Potential are like all other measurable dimensions an indicator of the type of motion present in an expression of matter.
Centripetal motion manifests as a positive potential, because matter appears to accumulate towards a central focal point, while centrifugal motion appears as an opposite negative potential because of the appearance to mass to repel from other mass and thus expand away from a common focal center.
Anodes are 180° opposed from cathodes, and the force which keeps them apart is electricity. Electricity is therefore, a dynamic two-way
expression of motion. If a mass finds itself caught between these opposed conditions, that mass will have no choice but to move in order to find a balanced state of motion. That mass has within itself 18 degrees of motion which defines that particular expression of mass, and that mass will move to find its balancing point between the universal anode/cathode.
If that mass is dense, it will migrate towards to universal anode, and if the mass is gaseous it will migrate towards the cathode.
Conductivity is a search for balance !
Our visual senses only perceive 400 - 700 nm of the entire expanse of the universal anode/cathode, a fraction of all possibility.

Dimension 8

The perceived universe of motion manifests between the cosmic anode/cathode conditions. Between these opposite conditions can we say where one opposite ends and the other begins ? If we examine the temperature range 1000° C to 400° C where does the concepts of hot/cold begin/end ?
The temperature of the universe is constant. So, any increase/decrease in local temperature is immediately compensated for throughout the universe. If a body accumulates heat, another will cool to maintain the universal constant. Temperature is a measure of the dominant (centripetal/centrifugal) motion present in matter.
Heat comes into being as a result of centripetal compression, a condition pertinent to the anode, while cold is an expression of centrifugal expansion a condition pertinent to the cathode.
Hot and cold do appear as opposite conditions but really there are no opposites of anything as such. Hot/cold are really the same thing.

Hot/cold are not properties of matter, rather temperature is just an indicator of the dominant motion present. You wouldn't think of fast motion being one thing and slow motion being another thing. Likewise, hot is not one thing and cold another thing. Heat manifests as a result of fast compressed motion, while cold manifests as a result of slow expanding motion.
Keep in mind, you know that a fire is hot because it is radiating and cooling, not because the fire is heating !! The fire is informing you of its internal heat, by radiating that energy as a cooling stream.
Charging bodies absorb heat energy, they are endothermic and generate. discharging bodies release heat, they are exothermic and radiating.

Dimension 9

Fig : 13

Every Chemist and Engineer is aware of vapour pressure and how by manipulating the vapour pressure above a liquid the evaporation of that liquid can be controlled. The kitchen pressure cooker is an example of increasing the vapour pressure above the liquid and as a result of this increased vapour pressure the liquid's boiling point will be increased. Likewise, when the vapour pressure above a liquid is reduced (vacuum or at altitude) the boiling point of the liquid can be reduced. This same effect is present throughout the universe of varying potential/pressure.
A high vapour pressure is a generative, positive, high pressure anode condition, while a low vapour pressure is synonymous with the radiative, expansive, low pressure cathode condition.

All material bodies move to find balance, not to find their opposite, but to find balance. They do however, find the best balance in their opposite. When a high potential body finds itself in a high pressure anodic environment, it will find buoyancy in that condition as like seeks like. If that same high pressure body is moved to a low pressure environment, the internal pressures of the body will be free to expand more easily as the resistance to that expansion is reduced.
If Mercury were moved and held out in the orbit of Saturn, Mercury would have no choice but to rapidly unwind and become more Saturn like in its properties. The properties impart to matter is due to its motion and not because the properties are IN the material itself.
So, ALL matter in a Saturn orbit will behave like Saturn. ALL matter in a Venus orbit will behave like Venus.
In moving Mercury to a Saturn type orbit you have effectively reduced the vapour pressure above the planet, and it will 'boil' at a much lower temperature unwinding all its internal accumulated potential in the process.
The reason Mercury doesn't unwind in its present orbit is because the pressure surrounding that planet is so great, it is acting like a pressure cooker. The temperature, melting point, and density of Mercury is thus much higher than science believes, because science has never considered the universe as a universe of varying pressures. A recent BBC2 program highlighted the gulf between science and truth.
A piece of Silver will remain a piece of Silver under normal atmospheric conditions. When that piece of Silver is added to nitric acid HNO3 (a low pressure environment) the Silver will ionize and expand finding balance in that lower pressure environment. If a piece of Copper is now added to this HNO3, the copper will ionize and the Silver will precipitate out of solution. Now, what is key here is, in order to get the Ag back to a Silver ingot again the Ag must be heated beyond its melting point so it can recrystallise again will all the appropriate plane angles that represent solid Silver. The precipitate Silver must first have its structure simplified before its complexity is introduced through cooling.
Fig : 13 shows the effect of moving a high pressure planetary body into a low pressure cathode type environment.

Dimension 10

All matter is crystalline in one form or another. Heating is the process of simplifying matter and form, while cooling is the process of complexing matter and form into crystallised structures. The sun is the anodic crucible which simplifies form, while cold space is the cathodic condition which condenses and complexes form.
The blacksmith can change the characteristics of his metals depending on how hard/quickly he quenches the incandescence of the piece.
Hard, brittle, high melting crystal form is an anode condition, while soft, amorphous crystal form belongs to the expanded cathode condition.

Dimension 11

Valency should be a stark indicator to science that mass is not attracted to mass in the way indicated by gravitational theory. This obvious indicator alone should be sufficient for science to embrace the electric rather than a gravitational nature of the universe.
Science is familiar with assigning a positive charge to Na and a negative 'charge' to Cl and thus formulating an electrical union, yet gravitational theory can offer no explanation as to why Na and Li (both +1 ) states of motion do not exhibit gravitational attraction in accordance with Newton's laws. The desire to attract mass/mass or volume/volume is not equal as Newton's theories suggest.
The property of valency as exhibited by any state of motion is directly related to the mechanisms outlined for Ionization #9.

Dimension 12/13
Axial Rotation/Orbital Revolution

Perfectly aligned motion about a common axis implies balance. A jet engine is a good example of designed rotation about a common axis. Axial rotation and orbital revolution must be considered together because of their direct inverse relationship. Any gain by one dimension must be off-set by all other dimensions to ensure the universal constant of energy remains constant.
The perfect axial rotation as demonstrated by the jet engine implies axial rotation is maximum and orbital revolution (W/E wobble) is minimum.
If an engine were to run away from its central axial alignment then orbital revolution thus introduced would cause the engine over time to fail.
So, a high (implying long, slow path) orbital revolution implies a state of motion designed to disintegrate matter. This type of motion is thus associated with the direction of south or towards the cathode.
But, fast axial rotation is Nature's method of disassociating matter, unwinding that matter from a small volume and distributing that potential over a very large volume. In other words, fast axial rotation AND slow orbital revolution work together to disintegrate matter.
On the other hand, Nature employs the technique of slow axial rotation and fast orbital revolution to accumulate mass as matter and form. Mercury exhibits long days (slow axial rotation) and short years (fast orbital revolution) and as a result is a very hard, dense, hot body. Jupiter on the other hand exhibits short days (faster axial rotation) and longer years (long, slow orbital paths) and as a result is a nebulous, cold expanding body.
Fast axial rotation implies dominant centrifugal motion. Fast orbital revolution (short path) implies dominant centripetal motion.
Bodies with slow axial rotation accumulate towards the anode, while bodies exhibiting fast axial rotation accumulate towards the cathode. When orbital revolution begins to slow it falls away from the common axis of rotation. Axial rotation must then speed up to compensate.
Now rather than rotating/revolving about a common nuclear center, two foci are introduced, and the orbital path is born. As orbital revolution continues to slow, that orbital path will get longer and wider, the years will get longer. Axial rotation will also continue to increase to compensate for the slow orbital motion, and radiation of potential will increase. The decaying cycle is underway. The cycle is gaining expansion speed and losing power. When expansion reaches its limit, it stops and then reverses, slowing the axial rotation and shortening the orbital path. The once fully expanded cone base begins to close and compress.

Think Orbits !
Rotation about a central axis

Gyroscopic motion is directly related to a bodies rotation/revolution. The faster the revolution the more erect a body can stand and the more stable is its motion. All motion follows a conical spiral path. The orbital diameter ∅ is large at the conical base. This base is the negative cathodic condition. Bodies which reside here take a long time to complete one single orbit about the central axis. This is the location of the inert gases. They manifest as cold dark space to our sensing. The ∅ for the +1 condition is shorter and as a result bodies which reside in this region complete their orbits much faster than the zero conditions inert gases. This is how increased gyroscopic motion lifts the condition off the horizontal plane giving it more 3D character. The orbital distance decreases further for the +2, +3, and +4 conditions. At the +4 apex condition the ∅ is the smallest and as such the body completes its orbit in the shortest possible time. One single revolution of a body at the base may be equivalent to 1000 revolutions for a body at the apex.

Interwoven cones

Notice, how the conical geometry for the rotation is the inverse mirror image of that for orbital revolution. I have denoted the apex as positive implying the fastest rotational speed, but this is the condition as maximum radiation and dissipation of potential so it it really the negative condition WHEN considered with orbital revolution. When these two opposed geometries are interwoven then we can see clearly that the condition of maximum potential and generative growth is one where the orbital revolution is maximum AND the axial rotation is minimum.
Likewise, the conditions which describe the cathode are long orbital paths with very fast axial rotation. This is how those bodies EXPAND equatorially, to become space. Their fast axial rotation centrifugally unwinds all the once accumulated potential. As the body expands its orbital path increases. Think Saturn !
Now, by selecting any condition between the cone base extremities one can find the correct revolution/rotation relationship necessary to manifest a particular condition.

Highly positive bodies which are held too close to the cathode will automatically increase their axial rotation to match the local environment. However, if those bodies are free to move they will motion back in the direction of the anode until they find a balance with the more positive environment. There they will be be held buoyant by the electro-symmetry.

Dimension 14

Mass is simply Nature's method of storing energy. As potential is accumulated, it become visible. Aggregated Light Units thus manifest as sensed mass. When motion begins mass begins. This accumulation of matter is so diverse it only comes within range of our sensing with the inert gases. These expanded gaseous conditions compress through liquids, soft metals and finally to hard crystalline metals. The more Light Units are accumulated (Desire of Mind to express Idea) the more matter and form appears to be. Our sensing becomes aware of that matter and form as a result of the motion that form exhibits and not because the matter has any real substance of itself !
Mass and matter is an expression of retarded time. It take time to accumulated potential, and the density of matter is an indicator of the time and effort consumed.
A wave cycle is an orderly projection into the simulation and its orderly withdrawal from the simulation. That cycle is then repeated.
The greater the time taken between repetitions the greater the accumulation of potential, the longer the repetition frequency. Any projection must stay long enough within the matrix in order to accumulate potential. This is why fast axial rotation is associated with the cathode condition. Its repetitions are too fast to accumulate.

Mass is thus the recording system for motion, in the same way any other dimension is a recording device of motion. All motion has therefore, an associated mass. It is thus impossible to manifest a hard crystalline gas !

Dimension 15

Colour like temperature is an indicator of the motion contained with a body. There is no place between the Cosmic Anode/Cathode that is without colour, though we can only sense a small portion (400 - 700 nm) of that universal range.
The most expanded colour we can perceive is deep violet, or black violet and therefore this colour must be assigned to the most expanded state of perceived matter namely the inert gases.
Remember, when the ENTIRE colour spectrum is expanded we perceive deep violet. The blue side of the spectrum is NOT devoid of red character. When the ENTIRE colour spectrum is compressed we perceive white incandescence, because all the colours are compressed into one white expression.
Predominantly centripetal motion manifests as the warm, red, positive colour range, while, predominantly centrifugal motion manifests as the colder, blue colour range.
All perceived matter must therefore fall between these two colours of violet/black and incandescent white. No other colours are possible.

Dimension 16

Fig : 14
Fig : 14a

Before Idea can be expressed it must first be conceived as apparently marked out as a pattern within the universe of motion-in-inertia.
This referred to as the plane of inertia, the birth/death plane of all motion. In other words, all motion starts and ends on the zero plane of inertia. The x-axis or the x-plane is normally denoted as the zero axis/plane or the plane of Concept.
Remember, inside the zero plane lies the dimensionless universe of non-motion. Outside of plane lies the universe of motion and mass.
Mass and motion thus SIMULATE the dimensionless pattern of Concept, because that is what the universe of motion is, a simulation of the Creation Idea of non-motion.

When motion begins, it must therefore have a plane angle similar to the horizontal zero plane of Concept. Therefore, when motion has reached its maximum expression its plane angle will be 90° to the starting position on the zero plane.
Fig : 14 is shown with a little off-set for clarity, but when maximum generative motion is achieved the plane will have aligned itself with the vertical axis, to become the y-axis/y-plane. In other words, what began as a plane of Concept is through the process of gyroscopic motion lifted into the vertical orientation. The only element to achieve perfect gyroscopic plane alignment with the vertical is carbon.
This is why axial rotation and orbital revolution disappear into plane (y-plane) when perfect alignment is achieved.

All motion is stabilised in plane by opposed directions of motion. The plane angles between the 0 - 90° are periodic and predictable. these planes act as the screen onto which the image of matter in apparent motion is projected. The closer to 0° an image appears the more cathode like is the behaviour. Likewise, the closer to 90° the image appears the more anodic behaviour is expressed.

Dimension 17

All matter is vibrating. Those vibrations maybe at frequencies far beyond our sense of hearing, but in the same way that 'invisible' light may be brought into the visible range so to can the sound/tone of all matter. All matter therefore has a tonal signature which records the internal motion of that expression in mass.
Sound/tone is a characteristic of the simulated universe only, once again, once motion begins tone comes into being. Sound is reproduced in harmonic intervals in all other matter, responding in sympathetic vibration. It is my present understanding that these sympathetic responses manifest as a result of longitudinal waves rather than transverse waves. Longitudinal waves imply matter is already connected to all other matter, and a disturbance at one center is repeated everywhere.

Dimension 18


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