#7 All in ONE

We have often heard the expression ‘All is One’ and possibly wondered if this is indeed true then why isn’t it more obvious ?
WRC teaches that the problem lies with our sensing. To add insult to injury our sensing was designed that way !

Part of the human development is to come to realise that this is the case and then make a conscious decision to look within to find what you may now believe is ‘out there’.

It seems reasonable to be confused by what appears to be different versions describing how our perceived reality is created. It is gravitational, electrical, motion, light.

Consider the following image as a attempt to cover all the bases The images describes how generative centripetal (CP) motion, creates the illusion of light, solidity and form, then without changing direction that CP motion gives way and becomes centrifugal (CF) motion which has a 90° relationship to the original CP stream.

The unwinding process (CF) is assigned as the special force – namely, a magnetic force. What is in fact happening is the CP motion is a shocking electric effect, while the CF motion is a non-shocking electric effect.

This geometric arrangement has been defined by MSS as an electro-magnetic field.
‘All in ONE’

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