#3 Chemical Bonding not necessary !

If the entire universe is in resonance due to a cymatic standing wave pattern caused by opposed motions (rim to hub/hub to rim) then there is no need for all the chemical bonding supported by MSS.

Spherical 3D pattern. A physical body

Every chemist is taught about the various chemical bonding options, ionic, covalent, hydrogen, double, triple to name but a few.

Cymatic coherence is much more consistence with the wave oscillating frequency model proposed by WR

The 2D sand pattern isĀ  manifests when the sand falls into the troughs and the unfilled sections are the locations of the dark peaks.

Now, imagine this experiment could be performed in 3D to produce a patterned sphere.
So, just imagine this vibrating geometric 3D structure without the sand.

Now, the next question to answer is… what is the nature of the substance/medium (sand) used by Mind to simulate pattern, in our 3D perceived universe of patterned motion ?

Why is the body 80% water ?
What does the joecell attempt to harness ?

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