#6 Oil is Abiotic (Revisited)

One of the interesting implications of WRC is that the Earth formed as a re-condensed emanation from a radiating Sun. This means that the Earth left the Sun as an invisible equatorial stream and solidified when it cooled sufficiently.

The alignments of the elements in the Earths atmosphere (the radiative half of the carbon octave) suggest the apex of the cone is actually located at the Earth’s core. This implies that the core of the Earth is molten actually carbon and not iron as postulated by MSS. This sits well with WRC as WR teaches that the lines of force observed by MSS are not in magnetic lines rather they are the unwinding centrifugal electrical lines of force.

When electric lines of force are centripetal, they can ‘shock‘, while centrifugal lines of the SAME force do not shock but manifest as ‘magnetic’ lines.
We should think of the Earth as being constructed mainly within the carbon octave, although the high levels of Si and Na (salt) suggest the 6th octave also plays a part in resolving our perceived reality.

If the Earth’s core is indeed molten carbon, then the current theory that oil is derived from decaying dinosaurs and rotting vegetation is very weak particularly when you review the locations of those oil deposits !
In fact, the vegetation itself has its origins in the same carbon core. In addition to there are many accounts of oil wells replenishing themselves after a period of time elapsed. The oil is percolating up from the core.

As the core condensed reversing the centrifugal emanation of the Sun to centripetal generative motion to form the Earth, the Earth itself began to radiate and cool. I would predict there are very large deposits of boron and beryllium within the Earth’s mantle. Silicon is carbon one octave higher.

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  1. In the beginning of the book The Secret History Of The World by Mark Booth he postulates that the planets including Earth each over huge spans of time originated from the sun and that the apparent solidity of our world has not been consistent since the beginning of time.

    • Hi René, I don’t know Mark’s work, but your review suggests a strong alignment with WRC. WR suggests that our sun is a cauldron which radiates a stream which then condenses in the surrounding cold space. This condensate will then change its crystalline structure as it too radiates and moves away from its primary. I will have a look at Mark’s book 🙂
      Many thanks…

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