#2 Polarised Water

During our studies in WRC we discover the octave structure of matter.
WR teaches that our physical realm is unfolded from the inert gases and that those 9 gases sit one inside the other like Russian Dolls awaiting germination and unfolding.

One researcher who experimented with this geometry developed the ‘Joecell’. I will leave you to dig deeper into that work.

This experimental work was later developed by Moshe Daniels from Canada who developed a spherical joecell called a ‘Moejoe’. The components of the lower hemisphere is shown here.

Again, I will leave you to investigate this work yourself.

There is an obvious connection between the experimental results of these cells and the cymatic work carried out by Hans Jenny and Dr. Masaru Emoto.

During my own work into WRC it seems reasonable to conclude the cube wave field acts as a vessel to contain a 3D standing wave which we perceive as solid form. What other vessel can you think of which is 70% water, polarised and has a noticeable current running through the cells ?

Can we conceive the idea that water like the inert gases is completely mis-understood by MSS and provides us with a gateway/portal to harnessing Nature ?

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