#5 Twin Opposed Motion

WR suggests that all expression of matter/motion are as a result of two opposed streams. When a wave field is breathing, there is inwards and outward flow of potential. Imagine this motion as follows.

Rhythmic Balanced Interchange (RBI) implies an inward centripetal motion passing through an outward centrifugal motion. One can think of this like a nut winding on a bolt, the threads passing through one another.
Imagine you decide to walk up the down escalator.

If you are unfit, then despite all your efforts, you may never make much progress towards the anode as you may be destined to live out the rest of your days as a nebulous gas in the region of the cathode !

If on the other hand your have sufficient ‘desire’ you may reach the anode top despite the efforts of the escalator to push you back down. You can then manifest as a dense, hot, fast moving body of matter.

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