#9 Co-creating in Light

This week I would like to share some thoughts as to how we can elevate WRC to a practical application to co-create in light. The technique is reasonably simply and the apparatus not too complicated.

We may already be familiar with the explosive reaction which occurs when metallic sodium is added directly to water. Metallic sodium is very reactive even with air and because of this, metallic sodium must be stored under oil.

WR teaches that our perceived reality arises from a disturbance a part of which stimulates our sensing into a response and interaction. We can think of these disturbances as interference patterns. The process of Mind Thinking produces an interference pattern of Light waves.

Sodium Spectra

We know from MSS that we can identify all elemental expression in term of their individual light (atomic absorption) spectra. We know for example that sodium has a unique series of absorption lines so without these distinctive lines, we don’t have sodium.

Preparation : Obtain a full spectrum analysis for sodium to ensure we have all the lines necessary to identify sodium. There might be some critical absorption line outside the visible range, perhaps within the x-ray or infra-red regions.

Interference Pattern Sodium

Technique 1 : Using the Sun as a the primary light source filter out (polarised light) all unnecessary (not sodium) wavelengths from the full spectrum. Only allow those wavelengths specific to sodium to pass through the polariser. It may be necessary to ensure the atmosphere has not absorbed any of the critical frequencies, and that the intensity is sufficient to replicate sodium.

Technique 2 : It may be necessary to use incandescent Neon as the primary light source. Sodium is the +1 condition of the Neon (6th) octave. The inert gas Neon has the sodium signature within itself.

Technique 3 : With the critical individual light streams for sodium isolated from the full spectrum primary source, use optical lensing to refocus the individual rays back into a single focal point. It will be necessary to avoid chromatic aberration.
This one single focal point is sodium expressed as bead of light.

Technique 4 : Condense this focal point directly into water. If the intensity of the light is correct then the effect should be identical to dropping metallic sodium into water. A violent reaction should be evident.

Development : If this technique could be made to work for sodium which has an obvious visible reaction, then it would be possible to condense (within a suitable medium) any other elemental expression directly from sun light.

This is how man can co-create with light. Using the unique full spectrum signature for any element and compressing those light rays into a single focal point.

Possible ?

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