#10 Cosmic – Electrophoresis

WR describes this electric universe in terms of motion. Motion is either centripetal or centrifugal. Perceivable matter has dominant centripetal motion while nebulous matter which looks like space has a dominant centrifugal motion. This entire universe is set within a framework which is divided into two equal but not identical halves.

One half is fully compressed while the opposite half is fully expanded. These conditions balance one another in the same way a large mass on a short lever can be balanced by a small mass on a longer lever.

The fully compressed condition is known as the anode while the expanded condition is known as the cathode. The anode is located in the direction of north, while the cathode lies in a southerly direction.

If you imagine the entire universe is composed of 100 units. Then the anodic side of the divide is composed of 50 units compressed into the smallest possible volume, while the expanded side is composed of 50 units contained within the largest possible volume – sphere.

This implies that there is indeed a limit to Universal Cosmic Expression.
We assign the solidity of matter to the compressed side and assign vacuous space to the expanded side. Space is not empty, nor is it not a void.
It is the expanded negative polarised half of the entire Creation Idea. The area outside the central sphere but within the cubic container.

Cosmic Container – Wavefiled

If we assign this maximum divided condition as the Cosmic Container, a Cosmic Wavefield, then all other expressions of matter/space float within this Master electro field. There is no force of gravity. Matter appears to be attracted to the anode because of the individual electric conditioning of that matter. Like migrates to like, for exactly the same reason that electrophoresis can be used by man as a separation technique.

This separation technique utilised an overall electric field within which electrically condition matter is motivate to migrate being held buoyant within the applied electric field. This idea of electrical buoyancy is much more important to how the electric universe operates than any notion of a gravitational force.

Positive matter will thus move in the direction of the anode UNTIL its electrical condition matches that of the electrical condition of the surrounding environment. When this situation is achieved then matter will no longer have a tendency to move N/S but instead  revolve in an E/W direction. This is because matter will have reached a balance point with the Cosmic Electric Field.

This Cosmic Electric Field is the indication of the presence of a Thinking Mind – Source itself.

The primary motivator of the universe is to divide and separate all matter to such an extent as to achieve maximum compression/maximum expansion. This would replicate within the physical the initial Cosmic compression (50 units : 50 units) indicated by the Cosmic Cube/sphere.

All galactic bodies are moving because they as electrically conditioned bodies are responding to their position within the electric Cosmic Container.

There is no force of gravity anywhere within this electric universe.

If the Cosmic Idea is introduced between the anode/cathode, then matter will appear to migrate towards the anode but nebulous space (also matter) will appear to migrate towards the cathode.

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