#11 Zen and the art of Kite Surfing

While out at the beach yesterday really enjoying being present in the ‘Now’  I became aware of Source through the action of the local kite surfers.
It is really important to realise that I spend very little time consumed with modern technology and as a result when out in Nature I try to be fully engaged with the experience.
I would strongly advise you do the same so you too can embrace your own divinity and not allow the nuances of WRC to pass you by.

Source is omni-present and in constant communication with you. You as a physical body are a focal point of that Thinking Mind. It is up to you to fine tune your inner antenna so that you can enhance your own communication experience directly with Source. Don’t let your dependency on technology get in your way.

When the surfer finds a perfect balance between leaning in one direction and the pull of the kite in the opposite direction he experience a smooth blissful motion.

This sweet spot of balance exposes a direction connection to Source(fulcrum) itself. This is how Source accesses the physical realm, entering via the dividing fulcrum. This is where we too can find unlimited Cosmic energy. Think of the situation as follows, the surfer/kite are acting together as the antenna.
They have no energy within themselves but, when working together they allow Source to make its presence Known.

The surfer cannot find this balance point on his own without his equipment. The surfer needs the kite to suspend his physical body above the surface of the water. Likewise, the kite is useless without the counter-balancing body acting as a resistance to prevent the kite escaping on the wind.

The surfer is in constant battle with the elements and with shifting centers of gravity which is all part of the enjoyment but when that perfect balance is achieved… a calm bliss is experienced !
It struck me that man’s struggle with electric current is not unlike that of the surfer.

In fact, all our attempts to harness electricity are so out of balance with that of Nature and have no possibility of achieving that sweet spot. This is because man has no idea what electricity, polarity, direction nor polarised field geometry really are !

WR conical potential geometry mirrors the struggle of the kite surfer. Pay close attention to the direction and orientation of the motion within this polarised field. The centering fulcrum of the the initial gas condition has shifted to the right. To the right of this new fulcrum position centripetal motion is dominant.

Matter accumulates and the motion imparts a positive electric potential to this side of the divide. To the left of this fulcrum centrifugal motion is dominant. Matter diffuses and the motion imparts a negative electrical potential.

These opposite forces are pulling against one another exactly as those experienced by the kite surfer. All of Nature’s polarised fields do this. This is how ALL energy enters the physical universe !

It enters via the central fulcrum. Polarity draws out the anode from the cathode, changing the expression from a flat disk to a spiral. Just like pulling a clock spring into a conical spring. The egress of energy then projects centrifugally towards the cathode but centripetally towards the anode.

Bodies within this outer polarised field will now move to position themselves at their balance point between this outer polarised anode/cathode field.

Source is constantly showing us how it operates. It is up to us to listen, understand and then copy.

Can you now ‘see’ the design changes necessary to co-create with electricity ?

5 thoughts on “#11 Zen and the art of Kite Surfing”

  1. Hi aha_144,
    much of this went over my head yet what i could comprehend
    was/is brilliant. Enjoyed this article as well as the video ‘Universe
    of Pulsed Light'(eye-opening)!
    with regard to Divinity w/in have you heard of Douglas E.Harding
    or the headless.org experiments?
    WRC and Harding seem to me to be speaking the same language.
    BTW, Luv your Website.
    Best regards

  2. I really connect to your metaphor. In my experience, practicing meditation has helped me get in the doorway, stand in the threshold between the physical and metaphysical worlds. I get too excited when I get there to go forward and “wake up”, I hope one day I will actually step in! Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this blog and articles.

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