#12 Levitation and the Pyramids

Once you have removed the gravitational thorn from your thinking, you are ready to embrace the WRC perspective to many of man’s greatest puzzles.
How is it possible to manipulate Nature to release her secrets as she has obviously done in the past !

WR describes in great detail the electric nature of this universe. All matter/bodies are electrically conditioned. Another way to say this is that all matter/bodies have their own electric signature, being either predominantly  electro-positive or electro-negative. Even a 200 tonne granite block will have its own unique electric character.

Cosmic Container

We know also that the entire universe is contained inside a cosmic container, the Master Cube. This implies that there is a Cosmic electric field in which all other matter is suspended, held buoyant and swims.

All matter will thus move in a north/south or a south/north direction until it finds a matching electric environment to its own electric signature.

A point when the signature of the body = electric potential of the cosmic electric field.
Once this electro-potential is located then matter/body has no further desire to move N/S or S/N and will change direction and move in an E/W direction. All bodies rotate and revolve in an E/W direction.

It should be pointed out that all bodies are constantly changing their own electro-potential and there will remain some residual desire to move N/S or S/N.
This is why all cosmic bodies continue to follow a spiral path.

The key to levitation is to know how to control the E/W balancing poles.

So let’s take the first step.
Step 1 : stop referring to levitation as ‘anti-gravity’ and think of electric buoyancy instead. With this concept clear in you mind the following steps are quite simple and logical.
Step 2 : Simple and logical does not mean easy ๐Ÿ™
Step 3 : Establish a high potential ‘static’ field around the object. This can be achieved by harnessing the extremely high potential difference between the high atmosphere and ground. The field must be high and span the range of the object to be levitated.
Step 4 : All matter/bodies or granite blocks will move N/S to find their own balance point. Levitation in progress.
Step 5 : If scales correctly, the block will be suspended when its electro-potential matches that of the surrounding field.
Step 6 : Move the block E/W into position.

WR teaches that a stone will not fall to the center of the Earth for the same reason. It will be held buoyant at some point on that journey.

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    • Alan, this article brings my attention back to the works of Ed Leeskalnin of Coral Castle notoriety. I recall he wrote a book on magnetism which many including myself found difficult to digest. WRC shows the visible universe is purely two way motion that is electric in nature. In the documentary Ancient Knowledge I vaguely recall an inference of magnetic effect being suspected…looking at the picture from an electrostatic perspective may show some ‘Light’ .

      • In studying Ed’s work I always replace his references to magnetic/magnetism with electric and I find it more suitable. It is only semantics but it suggests an acceptance of another ‘magnetic’ force. I am preparing some material for the ‘Coil Design’ section of the VIP-Members page which may address some of these issues ๐Ÿ™‚

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