#13 Beam me up – Scotty !

WR teaches that this universe of motion manifests between two points of rest, just like a swinging pendulum. These points of rest occur when the potential energy is maximum but the kinetic energy is minimum. This implies that the universe manifests when the kinetic energy is > 0.

WR also teaches that Source-Mind itself resides in the realm of Stillness, points/planes, the omnipresent absoluteness of non-motion. The pendulum swing is thus touched by Source itself, Source is present at every expression of motion.

Our perceived reality comes into and disappears from existence with every swing. Think of slowing every vibration of mass/matter so that it resides in the rest position for one second. There matter would return to Source only to emerge back to the universe of motion again.

Our physical bodies are engaged in this coming and going every moment of this reality of apparent solidity.
WR describes every inhalation as a generative life expressing action, while the exhalation is the radiating decaying death expression reaction.
We don’t disappear from this reality because all the atoms (billions) of our physical bodies are breathing at different rates and there are sufficient bow waves to sustain the image.

At the quantum level this is not always the case. The decaying part of the cycle becomes discernible and matter appears to vanish only to return !

WR work implies that if the breathing cycles within our physical bodies where aligned in phase then those individual cycles would all encounter the rest point (KE = 0) at the same time.
Our entire bodies would then be one with Source no longer part of this physical universe before returning to the swing of matter in motion.

It has always been my understanding that once in this rest position it was then possible to commence the return swing appearing in a different physical location.
After all, that position of rest is omnipresent and it is the same rest position everywhere !
Remember, this omnipresent Still of Mind is the reference against which any motion can be perceived. Source has designed it that way.

WR teaches that our sensing responds to the oscillating stimuli, but our Knowing responds to the Stillness. This makes the absolute Stillness fixed and invisible while the universe of motion has but a fleeting existence.

If we now refer back to the electrophoresis technique for a moment, Stillness is infinite possibility, when electric thinking is applied then matter/mass migrates out into our perceived reality to experience a long cycle of existence of a very short cycle !

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