#16 C the light !

We have all been taught that the Earth is situated about 98 million miles from the Sun and that the light from that Sun takes about 8 minutes to reach us here on Earth.

Science is also convinced that the speed of light (C) is a constant…errh in a vacuum!

Einstein himself conceded that Nature abhors a vacuum so how and where this light speed constant is applicable is hard to imagine.
I guess it is assumed that a vacuum implies the removal of the air (98%)  from a specific container and if space is without air then it too must be a vacuum.

Certainly, this (C) constant is applied by science as if this condition (space = vacuum) is indeed true.

Leading Edge

Light does not travel with a leading edge for the same reason silence does not travel. Silence is already everywhere as is the omnipresent Light waiting to be expressed.

We know from WR’s teaching that the universe of Mind (Straight planes) Stillness is a spiritual reality while the universe of curvature is the universe of motion and seeming solidity. There is no place within this universe of motion that is without curvature. Hot fiery anodes demonstrate severe hemispherical curvature, while cold dark space is manifested by degrees of slight curvature. There can be no other conditions which stimulate our sensing within this dynamic universe.

There is no place in the universe that is without curvature and there can be therefore no place which exhibits a vacuum devoid of electrical curvature.

When man draws a vacuum the air maybe removed from the vessel but its electric conditioning is not removed !

The vessel cannot be electrically empty and without a curvature signature. The curvature pertaining to the present location of the container here on the Earth remains intact.

To put is another way, when a food item is packaged under vacuum the physical food item is not removed or made to disappear from within the packaging.

When the toy sphere impacts the row of spherical beads the effect of the opposite sphere recoiling away is instantaneous. If there were 1 million beads in the row, the same instantaneous recoil effect would result. If such a device were constructed to reach between the Sun and the Earth spanning the 98 million miles, do you think it would take 8 minutes to recoil?

Is the constant (C) really valid in all cases?
Space is not a vacuum because it cannot be without its own curvature signature.
Light interacts with curvature not with air.

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  1. You asserted that the transfer-of-momentum suspended-metal-spheres toy would move a millionth ball with the same instantaneous recoil. Corrections: 1st: The movement is not instantaneous, but has a velocity similar to the speed of sound. 2nd: Each sphere’s minute elasticity absorbs some energy; the millionth spare would not receive any energy, and would remain motionlessly suspended. You could check this by increasing the number of spheres in the device, and measuring the respective rebound distances for the greater and lessor massed toys.

    • I understand your perspective and you could be correct. I posted this as a thought experiment to determine if a motion >>> C was possible. Tesla suggested that it was indeed possible – scalar waves!
      WR suggests that space is an alignment of wave fields. If you think of the potential within these wave fields as you might an array bed springs… one little impulse in one area is transmitted and felt by all.
      That response may not be instantaneous but I do believe there is motion >>> C.

  2. I see that this is an analogy which illustrates longitudinal transmission of light. The denser the medium the faster the wave travel, as we know from sound in water or through metal for instance. Notice that photos of the earth from outer space have a black background. If light transmitted transversely from stars as assumed by science then the blackness of space would be an almost unbearable bright white light. Only the reflected transverse light from planets is seen. Also, if you study John W. Keely’s work, he described space as being far denser than ‘matter’ with increasingly finer ‘particles’ (really vibrational kenetics compatible with Walter Russell’s physics). He derived tremendous energy from tapping into these vibrations. This all is quite challenging to reorient to, after so much distortion from incorrect assumptions we are taught, but I find it makes a LOT more sense given a more complete accounting of phenomena. It all holds together, which makes it a greater challenge to shift to take it all in but results in a whole new way of seeing things.

    • I am a fan of Keely’s work and as far as I know WR was familiar with his work also. The amount of matter compressed into suns, planets, atoms is exactly balanced by matter expanded as space. Space is not a vacuum. Of course space is the untapped source you suggest. 🙂

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