#17 Gravity the center of attention

Imagine you fabricate a simple hula-hoop in your workshop to create a perfectly circular loop. Did you also create its centre? Where is the centre of that hoop located if it was never created?
The centre may be easy to find if you place the hoop on the bench and mark the location of the central hub on the bench.

Now, hold the loop in the air. Where is the centre of the loop now? Did you have to move the centre also?
It may not be so easy to locate that centre while the hoop is suspended in space, especially if the hoop is moving or rolling.

But, no matter where that hoop is location, a center always exists in space to act as a hub equidistant from the rim when required.

The point is, the central hub is anywhere in the universe. This central point only becomes evident when the circular rim is present. You don’t have to bring the central hub with you when you move the rim. That central location becomes exposed wherever you express the rim !!!

The effect of gravity is exactly the same as the exposure of the central hub above. Gravity already exists everywhere, it is not created. The effect of gravity becomes exposed by motion, just as a rim exposed a central hub.

Source Mind also, is present everywhere, omnipresent.

It too, becomes exposed by fast motion. Motion circulates in loops about a gravity shaft of Stillness. That Stillness though, is already present everywhere, it is not created.

The illusion of the universe of motion is designed to expose Stillness, but our senses are distracted by the ‘bling’ of that very motion and we lose sight of the true underlying nature of reality.

Because Stillness, Mind, and expression of gravity are omnipresent, we can manifest any motion we desire anywhere to express any Idea of Creation.

The image commonly used to express gravity is probably the worst possible 🙁

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