#19 A good read !

Imagine contained within the ‘Book of Creation’ is all knowledge and all truth. The entire story is there to read just like any other book one page at a time. This story is too great a tale to comprehend in one sitting so, Mind divides the narrative into two separate tomes and allows each of these divided pairs to tell part (half) of the full Creation story. Occasionally, the two halves come together to reproduce in part the Whole Concept of Creation.

book reference to sexed opposites

The Concept of Creation is divided into two halves a male and female. The division process creates a positive (white) page with no text and a negative transparent page with text. Against a black background the text although present is impossible to decipher. This property may be considered as the spiritual aspect of that particular half.

The positive (white) page is available to add our own ideas and aspirations, a free will, and represents the physical bodily aspect.

When a balanced union occurs, the individual book spines are aligned so that the text of the opposite condition becomes visible against its opposite white background. The book is now complete again each half making its opposite visible and readable. We can now assign other general properties to the components of the book and apply those to all divided expressions.

The blank white page is the hot, compressed anode. The transparent text page is the colder, expanded cathode. Each half is both anode and cathode. Each half needs its own balanced opposite to express the full picture.

When the individual book spines are aligned we can say ‘gravity’ is undivided, but, when separated into two opposite versions of the One book then ‘gravity’ can be said to be divided.

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