#21 Still Standing !

WR teaches that the secret of all Creation lies with understanding the wave, and the motion of the wave. He also teaches that in the case of light, it does not propagate with a leading edge and our sensing might have us believe. In this article, I wish to propose the fundamental geometry of all that makes up our physical reality.

Sacred Geometry begins with the Vesica Piscis, this is not the vescia piscis, it precedes the vesica piscis. Two overlapping circles are necessary to create the vesica piscis, this fundamental geometry creates those circles !
You will notice that division of a point in the left/right direction creates a shaft/axis about which a disturbance can oscillate. This immediately reveals a 90° offset between cause and effect. this is an expression of half a wave length and is analogous to the half tone interval in music. An interval of a 5th is actually 7 half tones.

I propose the our physical reality is created with standing waves not transverse type waves. The case draws on WRC and is as follows,

  • cubic wavefield acts like a container to limit the wave expression
  • cubic geometry can utilise corner reflectors, and in phase reflections are necessary for development of a stationary wave
  • wave do not propagate with a leading edge but are reproduced (in reverse) from wavefield to wavefield
  • this fundamental oscillation precedes circular geometry
  • wavefield boundaries are location of Mind Stillness

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