#23 5G or ^G

WR teaches that within the ‘wave’ lies the secret of Creation. This is indeed true but it is a double edged sword because like radioactivity the wave can also inflict damage on electric (human) beings. A curious side note comes to mind. We know the Roman numeral for 5 is v.  When inverted becomes ^G !

One of the main conclusions of WRC is that all matter is composed of a 3D vibrational pattern. Our perceived reality is a dynamic cymatic structured system. This is a living breathing universe which inhales to accumulate potential and exhales to radiate that same potential.

Nature creates the most vitalising and nourishing environments to uplift the human spirit and inspire his/her thinking and creativity. This harmony is has always been undermined by man’s poor implementation of Nature’s ways.

While all expression of organic life have been exposed to UHF and micro-wave (2 ft) radiation to some extent, this new generation of 5G ( 1″) poses a severe threat to all biological life on this planet.
The high frequency and short wavelength of this 5G wave will not travel too far and the wave will need to be boosted at regular intervals, very regular intervals.

All biological life will be exposed to continuous pulses of harmful radiation. These high energy pulses will have the same effect on biological life as a continuous exposure to a radioactive source. Intercellular communication will be disrupted and premature unwinding of the entire body will be initiated. The role out of 5G is a catalyst for dis-ease. WR did discuss his work with Raytheon, and wanted his work to benefit mankind as a whole.
Does it really matter if you can download a movie in half the time ?

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    • Thanks Ben 🙂

      I was familiar with the graphic… I have a number of questions,

      Why did you decide to orientate the cone bases parallel to the +4 axis? WR teaches that the base is offset from the apex by 90 degrees !!!

      Why does the apex appear closed for the duration of the projection? WR is clear that the central hole is open for the +1 condition and only closes at the +4 condition, closes fully in the case of carbon.

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