#26 Follow the Money

WR teaches that all expression of life follow a simple generative, radiative cycle. Man grows from birth to maximum vitality at 40 years then the radiative decay process dominates from 40 to 80 years when the physical body dies and withdraws from the physical universe.

Imagine the generative/radiative process as follows.
As your body grows from birth to 40 years you gain $10 and lose $1 every day. At the end of your first week’s growth you will have accumulated $70 but lost $7 so your nett growth is equivalent to $63.
By the time you have reached maximum vitality at 40 years you will have gathered $146,000 and radiated $14,600, with a nett +$131,400.

Now, the process reverses such that from 40 to 80 years you will only gain $1 and lose $10 every day. This is the unwinding radiaitive process so that all the accumulated potential ($) is returned to Source. At year 60 your life force will have been reduced to approximately $80,300.
Although this seems like a healthy number, the daily trend however, indicates an overall loss of heat -$9. This is how bodies die.
On your death bed you will have repaid the $131,400 back to Source.

Replace the accumulation of $ with the accumulation of heat or electrical potential. This is an electric universe whereby motion creates the illusion of matter and solidity of substance.

In the case of the sun, it has not yet reached full maturity. It radiates $1 everyday out into the solar system. The other planetary bodies now take those radiative emanations reverses the stream so as to boost their own generative growth.

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