#28 Thought for today #1

We know that if we increase the voltage across a pair of electrodes, at some point the di-electric between those electrodes will breakdown and arc between those electrodes. The spark of life so to speak.

Let’s imagine we charge the electrodes to a known voltage one related to an elemental expression, gold (Au) for example. Do you think it would be possible to ‘condense’ gold from that arc as it jumped between the high voltage electrodes?

Could we somehow show that that is exactly what is happening out there in fuzzy space?

High frequency/potential which is beyond our sensing is being transformed down through the process of condensation into visible matter.
Do these dust clouds coalesce in some way to form bodies of matter?
This though does not fit with WRC!
Bodies do indeed form as a result of a condensation process, but that condensate emanates as the radiative stream from a cooling sun!

Ok then, these clouds must coalesce into suns. The problem now is that, WR teaches that our sensing is attuned to the radiative half of the cycle only, we do not experience the generative half of the cycle at all!

Should we think of space in two ways,

  • a cold variety, used to condense hotter bodies
  • a hot variety, a high potential plasma type beyond our sensing which looks like black, dark space

This ‘hot’ space can be transformed down into physical matter. If this is true, what is the point of a sun?

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