#29 Thought for today #2

Electricity is the force used by the Creator to create bodies. Bodies are electrical disturbances in vacuum. Electricity causes those disturbances

This is a quote from Atomic Suicide page 149. It is quite clear that electricity sole purpose is to divide. Electricity is the vitalising force which gives dynamic life to the Mind Thoughts. WR explains that electric force creates the polarised condition which initiates movement. When a battery is fully charged we can say it is manifesting the fully vitalised expression of life. In the case of man, this condition is reached at 40 years when the body has accumulated maximum potential.

We should also be aware this fully charged condition also represents maximum death. The internal stored potential is the driving force to lower the battery’s potential back to the inert/flat condition.

Man derives much work from this battery store house, but can we really say that the centripetal charging electricity is the same electric effect as the discharging centrifugal electric force?

WR argues that there is one kind of electricity…

One might as reasonably say that there are two kinds of water, the kind which rises and the kind which falls.

Sure it is the same water BUT, water rises because the interstitial space (between) the gravity centers increases. This is a very different process from unwinding water itself through excessive centrifugal motion.

Imagine, you could somehow increase the spacing between every cell in your body. You would become less dense and perhaps float a little, walking on air so to speak. But, if you open all your cells with centrifugal motion, you would die and your physical self would disappear.
Is WR confused or is just me?

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  1. Near the beginning of this article you write, “It is quite clear that electricity’s sole purpose is to divide.” My work has been done thru classical Eastern philosophy; the Japanese teacher and founder of Macrobiotics, George Ohsawa RIP, taught Yin/Yang as countering expansive/contractive dynamics. As a student who has studied Yin/Yang and electricity, I now understand the electricity has both dividing AND gathering capabilities. STATIC Electricity’s simular-charges all push away from one another –the “dividing” purpose. But CURRENT Electricity i.e. parallel flowing electricity gathers like-charges together. This is how some cyclones become electrically charged (search : charge sheath vortex

    • Hi Hugh, I don’t disagree with you. I only state what I perceive to be WR’s perspective on a particular matter. Thanks for the information as I may use the content as the basis for another blog post. 🙂
      By all means use the comments to promote any new insights or researchers you think will help the WRC student.

      Later that same day…
      WR is very clear in his definition and purpose of electricity. Electricity’s sole purpose is to divide. The next question you need to ask yourself is divide what from what!
      You would be forgiven for thinking he solely meant male from female or hot from cold etc. This is NOT what is intended.
      The true reality lies in Stillness. Our perceived universe is a dynamic universe of motion and heat. The division for which electricity is responsible is the projection away from this Stillness out into the dynamic universe of motion. Carbon represents the fullest extent of this electric force, which it registers as a high melting point >3600°C. This heat is a measure of imbalance. Electricity is the force which Mind utilises to express its Creation Idea. That is all the electric Thinking force does. When Thinking is relaxed, the electrical tension collapse and the expression unwinds, losing its heat to return to Source. This is the only way to think of electricity although there are many effects which unfold from this force.
      Intense expression requires a large electric force, while nebulous expression only requires a slight electric force. The unwinding side of the cycle appears like another form of electricity, a negative type, but really its like saying what the difference between a push or a pull force.

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