#32 Positive Feedback

WR teaches that all expressions within the physical universe are inhaling/exhaling in rhythmic cycles. Our own bodies exhale carbon dioxide which is poisonous to us but is food for plants. In fact, we know that if we were to take any of our own exhalations back inside our bodies we would suffer ill health and probably die.

Indeed, if we were to consume any decaying bodies directly into our body we would suffer the consequences. This implies the decaying bodies are mixed directly with the generative half of the cycle. This is not desired in any way.

An engineer would never conceive the idea of looping the effluent back to the reservoir, for this would poison the source.

On the other hand, we can recycle the exhaust from and engine to drive a turbine, or  recover the heat but this recycling does not mix directly with the input. This recycling has its benefits.

This is an electric universe and man have never really understood how to co-create and control the electrical force. He makes two fundamental errors.

  1. he rotates his armatures about the E/W shaft when Nature rotates about the N/S shaft and
  2. he recycles the radiative cycle back into the generative half of the growth cycle.

As a result, man’s electric devices are very inefficient. They are in effect constantly dying and great effort is necessary to keep the device alive.
When the electrical exhaust is looped back as an input, the device is doomed.

Of course, the electrical emanation from the sun are reversed into a generative stream so that life can flourish here on Earth, but that is because the planet is acting like a tree in the example above.

Beware, of your ‘negative feedback loop’ coil designs !

2 thoughts on “#32 Positive Feedback”

  1. It is clear that nature rotates on a north/south shaft. Unclear the reasons *why* human electrical systems are designed to rotate on the east/west shaft. Would seem the reasons *why* human electrical systems rotate on an east/west shaft are primarily *political* rather than a general lack of understanding of natural electrical flow.

    • Not sure about ‘political’ reasons… WR would say that was only sense the radiative half of the cycle and as such do not understand or Know the generative half of the cycle. When Nature divides she spirals the electric current in loops which circulate about the N/S shaft. Science does not understand this although this is what Tesla himself believed. It is those spinning loops that are the creative force not the effect of N/S poles.
      Thanks for the comment Andrew and opening up the debate 🙂

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