#33 Island life

No man is an island

The Idea of Man is a metaphysical concept of the Source Mind. This concept is brought to life by a Thinking Mind which divides the Idea/Concept into two mated moving aspects of that one unmoving Concept. This is implicit Natural Law and as such it must apply to ALL divided aspects of any one (lithium or silicon) metaphysical Idea.

The Idea of metaphysical Man is divided into male and female dynamic conditions of that one Idea of man. If this planet were inhabited by males only the idea of mankind would die out within a century. Likewise, if the planet was inhabited by females only the idea of mankind would vanish forever.

Source has design the dynamic universe to ‘reproduce’ the Idea and co-create with Source. With the planet populated with both physical male and female bodies, the opportunity is available for the Concept to recreate itself through these same moving M/F bodies.

Supposing the result of these M/F union only produced male offspring, once again mankind would be doomed to extinction. The same being true also if only female bodies were produced. Natural Law must therefore ‘know’ to balance the interactions so the the outcome provides a balanced distribution of M/F physical bodies.

What we observe within this physical reality is NOT the parent cycle, but only the results of their union. Our sensing is only tuned to the radiative half of the cycle. The sun is the offspring of a generative union we cannot sense we can only Know it, through inner-sensory perception.

This implies that EVERY single moving expression within our physical universe can only continue to exist if there is a M/F interaction (union) to continue the Creation Idea.
How might lithium be formed ?
There must be a male seed aspect of lithium and a female womb aspect of lithium which is NOT fluorine !

Fluorine is supposedly the mate of lithium. But, in the periodic table fluorine is a condensate of unwinding or decaying carbon. WR teaches that fluorine is on the radiative side of the carbon octave. This presents a major problem in understanding the true nature of opposite mated pairs.

Can we say the following… If the union of unsensed M/F aspects meet in an electro-positive environment then boys (lithium) will be the offspring. But, if those interactions occur in an electro-negative environment then girls (fluorine) will result. Fluorine is clearly not unwinding carbon is it?

It begs a question, if a sun is a physical example of waves in union ?

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