#34 Green Fingers

If we are ever to master WRC in order to manifest any elemental expression we desire, then, we need to understand what it is we are trying to achieve and the design implications that might pose for our creation device. Our horticultural experience has taught us that in order for a seed to germinate to its full potential it must be planted in the optimal growing medium. The correct soil type, drainage, pH are just some of the considerations any gardener will manipulate to achieve the desired results.

WR teaches that the inert gases are those seed conditions for their own octave. It would seem reasonable then that if we required to ‘germinate’ beryllium  we would do so from the helium seed condition. Likewise, if we desired to manifest silver then we would encourage krypton to unfold that particular expression.

If we assume we can electrically stimulate an inert gas to begin to unfold/germinate then, there are a few immediate questions to consider,

  1. are ALL inert gas condition intrinsically MALE ? If so,
  2. what is the nature of the female womb condition inside which these seeds can germinate ?
  3. what implication would this have in coil/device design, how is a womb coil wound ?

Imagine, a male body condenses inside an alkaline womb, but a female body condenses inside an acidic womb. Further reading on this topic is available at here.

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