#35 Cosmic Tetris

Throughout WRC, division has been represented in many ways.
For example, the cubic wave field has been divided by 6 tetrahedra, 6 cones, or indeed by the simple oscillating wave function. WR teaches us that we can be easily deceived by our senses. At least, we can draw the wrong conclusion from the information received by those senses. Those incorrect/incomplete conclusions can lead us down a very long winding path, going nowhere – and fast !

I would like to propose the geometry necessary to express physical male/female bodies and then develop and apply this model to coil and device designs.

The background is available here.

Source is playing a game of Cosmic Tetris and the available pieces are as shown.

The physical female body expresses the cavity towards the outside as the active aspect, while solidity is turned inwards expressing its passive quality.
This cavity reaches fully maturity (in terms of WRC cycles) at 40 years. One may think of this cavity as nature’s womb.

The physical male body expresses in reverse. The cavity is turned inwards as the passive characteristic while solidity and density are orientated outwards, expressing the active male aspect.

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