#36 On yer Bike !

WR teaches that this reality is founded on the division of the One Creation Idea into countless opposed pairs in motion. Their motion simulates in a dynamic fashion a metaphysical Creation Idea which is Still. The Universal Constant can never change so rhythmic balanced interchange will occur between opposite to maintain the Cosmic Constant.

We are familiar with opposite conditions, hot/cold. positive/negative, high/low, generation/radiation, centripetal/centrifugal, life/death, growth/decay to name but a few.

Let’s see if we can take one pair, establish an inverse relationship between them and then see if the model can be applied to all pairs. In this example, I will chose speed/torque (τ).

When we wish to cycle our bike from a standing start we employ the gear train to harness maximum torque which overcomes inertia but with minimum speed. Once we are moving we transition through the gearing to harness maximum speed but minimum torque. The will therefore exist some point from gear 1 to 9 where speed and torque are equal. In terms of WRC, this crossover point may be equated with the +2/-2 states of motion.

The inverse relationship is obvious and these opposite conditions interchange (s x τ = 1) depending on the gear chosen. Speed nor torque are ever lost, their expression is either active or passive. Torque is passive in gear 9 but speed is active. Likewise, speed is passive in gear 1 but torque is active.

Gear 1 has the largest diameter, just like the cathode cone base in WR conical polarity model. This is necessary to overcome the inertia of the inert gas expanded condition. In terms of WRC the cathode is the location whereby axial rotation is maximum but the orbital revolution is slow due to its large base diameter. High torque is thus expressed.

As matter is expressed closer to the cosmic anode (gear 9) these properties reverse (inversely), axial rotation slows, and orbital revolution increases. Now, high speed is expressed. These opposite condition will always rhythmically interchange to best express balance with the local environment.

Venus will increase its axial rotation as its orbital diameter increases (moves away from the sun). This is how all body decay. They centrifugally unwind, lose their heat and expand as they radiate. When Venus is as far away from the sun as Saturn it too will be as larger as Saturn.

Movement from the expanded base to the anode is achieved by centripetal compression, which the direction of the cathode is dominated by increased centrifugal motion and expansion.

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