#37 Funny Bones

Osteopenia is a condition of loss of bone density and is a plight suffered by astronauts who spend too long in space. This situation came as a surprise to space flight planners but is an entirely consistent phenomenon with the electric universe model and is predicted by WRC.
All bodies, that means all expressions of physical reality are electrical, and have an associated electric potential. Every physical expression is generating and radiating simultaneously. WR teaches that growing/generating bodies accumulate potential is excess of the rate at which they lose potential.

Likewise, dying/decaying bodies lose potential faster than they can accumulate it. Growing bodies can hold heat, decaying bodies cannot hold onto their heat.

For us humans here on planet earth, the earth’s core is our electrical anode. Every direction away from that center is the direction of the opposite electro-negative cathode condition. Our upper atmosphere is thus very electro-negative and space even more so.
WR teaches that like seeks like, the opposite philosophy proposed by Coulomb. He also teaches that all physical expression desire to explode and return all its accumulated potential back to the ground/zero state of non-motion. Electro-negative cold is the condition which prevents this from occurring. Our sun is frozen in place by the surrounding cold of space. Likewise, our earth has crystallised slowly which creates maximum density close to the earth’s core surrounded by a nebulous atmosphere. Dense bodies fall toward the earth’s core while tenuous bodies fall towards space.

All physical expression moves to find balance. If a high potential body (human body) is exposed to too low an electrical condition then it will unwind so as to find electrical balance with that environment. If that high potential body was free to move then it would do so in the direction of the earth’s core – the local anode. Because this positively charged body is exposed to the electro-negative space potential, that physical body will unwind and decay to express balance with its environment.
WRC predicts if man were to spend perhaps 5 years in space then his physical body would unwind perhaps beyond repair. The human body is not designed for prolonged exposure to a low electrical pressure environment.

It is also very likely that the space probes sent to beyond our solar system will suffer the same fate.
In fact, the Hubble space telescope must suffer similar issues which are confounding scientists as the more vulnerable parts of the equipment decay much more rapidly that first expected.
For this very reason a space craft built in this particular electric environment here on earth must be very prone to accelerated aging in space if that flight >5 years.

Do you really think a high potential human body will survive the lower potential evident on Mars ?

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