#40 Splash

We are all familiar with the idea proposed by WR that this dynamic universe comes into being as a direct result of a Thinking Source Mind which appears to create a division or disturbance in the One Still Substance.

Our sensing is designed to be stimulated by these apparent disturbances which we decode into a perceived physical reality. We usually envisage this disturbance in a similar way to a stone impacting a calm body of water with the resulting wave pattern being decoded into a momentary perspective of reality.

This is fine as far as it goes but, I would like to suggest to you to include the following development of this disturbance pattern into a ‘new’ thought process.

WR teaches that the wave field contains within its boundaries the full potential albeit in expanded form for a particular physical expression – the seed.

If we now imagine this wave field container as being made up of a stack (1000) of flat 2D planes as is represented here by the stack of paper, each sheet/layer is identical. Mind is Mind after-all.

Now, instead of the disturbance (stone) simply impacting on the top sheet it impacts at sheet 250. The result affects sheets 240 – 260. Curvature is born.
How will the disturbance pattern be transmitted now throughout the wave field?

It becomes apparent that the pages will part/separate as a result of the impart. It seems as though the individual layers of Mind has been divided (which is impossible) and that within the space/cavity thus exposed a moving image of the impact will be recorded.

Electricity is the force which apparently causes these layers to divide. This is what WR means by ‘to divide gravity’ to apparently separate the layers
In this disturbance cavity…

…well Newton showed that when the separation of the layers was small, his light spectrum was revealed. But, when this separation was larger then Goethe’s spectrum unfolds.

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  1. To call a flat sheet of something like paper a “2 dimensional plane” can only be used by an irrational mathematic quack who prepares the mind for a sub continous lie, a valence shift into beliefing that out of nothing something appears. This is called numberology.

    • Thanks Duck for your comment and perspective. The model suggested in the article is 100% WRC which is the point of the content. An attempt to make sense in a practical way the philosophy of WR.

      hole in mindIf the universe was entirely void, empty, essentially non-existent and Source desired to manifest a grand piano, then a grand piano sized hole would needs to be created in order to project the physical positive form of the object into the newly created dynamic universe.

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