#42 Morphic Resonance

WR may have preceded Rupert Sheldrake but they both attempt to explain the same phenomena namely, how mind and matter interact to create the perceived universe.

I offer this content not as a replacement of WRC, but RS’s terminology may help to unlock for you some of WR’s ideas and core philosophy’s. RS does tend to use too much MSS language/descriptions but on the whole he imparts a very useful message.

Some of RS research has shown that puzzles (crossword) which are solved for the first time on a Monday, are solved on average faster on Tuesday, because the solution to those puzzles has been recorded within the ‘field’. If we now apply some WRC and describe the field as the area between any anode/cathode then matter will tend to accumulate to minimise any potential differential between itself and its environment. Matter always evolves to try to maintain this minimal differential.

WR would say that any learned experience maybe then be carried back to Source in death so that the next projection into the dynamic universe will contain that newly acquired and desired pattern. WR would tend to describe the ‘morphic field’ as Source itself, where the negatives of dynamic (positive) projections are stored.

MSS is hampered by thinking in a materialistic fashion with too strong an adherence to fixed ‘constant’ values. Nature evolves, and all parameters which describe this dynamic universe must evolve although the underlining principle may be reduced to simple parameters.

To evolve is a simple principle, how that is achieved is complex and unlikely to be accomplished with fixed constants.

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