#41 Seasonal Greetings

I would like to begin this new year by setting you a little problem. This problem challenges the connections between WRC and observable wave cycles evident in the yearly cycle.

WR teaches that the inert gases are the seed of all elemental expression. The natural reality lies in Stillness, this is manifested within the physical reality as the inert gases which exhibit minimal movement, the most expanded condition, the universal cathode.

This implies that any movement away from this state of non-motion is positive. A Thinking Mind utilises electricity as the force which extends expression out into the dynamic universe. Once Thinking is relaxed, those vitalised expression collapse and fall back to Source/Stillness.

All motion is cyclical, it comes and goes. It grows and decays. WR implies this wave cycle applies to all physical expression, to all elemental expressions. Elements come into manifest and decay back to the inert gases.

Part of the confusion with WRC lies in the definition of male/female bodies, what makes an anode different from a cathode, positive from negative?

These issues are compounded by the WRC principle that division creates two anode conditions from a single cathode state of motion. All of the above makes WRC sense but if wave cycle can be applied to all physical expression how can these wave principles be applied to our annual yearly cycle ?

If we compare the earth’s annual cycle to the 5th carbon octave, what does spring, March 21 – June 21 represent ?
Does autumn September 21 – December 21 really represent an positive anode condition.

Which months would represent the elemental expressions of nitrogen, oxygen or fluorine?

Are our senses confused by the fact the earth is offset from the vertical axis. Carbon would not exhibit any oscillating seasons !

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