#44 What goes up ?

We’re all familiar with the phrase “What goes up must come down” but the question for today is what exactly does go up ?
It appears to our sensing that warm air rises. This observation is plain for all to see when we experience a hot air balloon floating off the ground towards the sky.
But, is our interpretation of what is really happening here the correct one ?

If warm air does indeed rise as postulated by MSS, should we not expect the upper atmosphere to be somewhat warmer ?

WRC perspective suggests that exactly the opposite is occurring namely, it is the cooling air that is rising.
WR teaches that like conditions always seek like conditions.

In the case of the hot air balloon we does not extract the lift from the hot air rather this hot air begins to cool immediately and it is this cooling which provides the lift because as the hot air expands, it cools, and like conditions seek like conditions.

Hot is a static condition, while cooling/radiating is the dynamic condition.

Cooling air is centrifugal and will rise to find balance in a similarly expanded environment. One could argue that the cooling air is falling gravitationally towards the sky cathode for the same reason the apple is said to fall gravitationally towards the anode earth.

Cold is the static condition, while heating/compression is the dynamic condition.

Gravity should be explained in terms of two-way electric potential. Accumulated potential as a result of centripetal motion will fall towards anodes but equally, radiating potential which is centrifugally unwinding will fall towards cathodes.

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