#45 Thought for today #3

If WR’s theories do actually describe and explain the workings of the universe, then we should be able to apply his work to every observable occurrences within the simulation.We are all familiar with the philosophical puzzle,

If a tree falls in the forest but there is no one there to witness it, does it make a sound ?

I would suggest no for the following WRC reason.
Of course, the falling tree will radiate all the frequencies (full spectrum wave character) necessary to describe a falling tree, but those frequencies are not sound. Those frequencies only become sound when they are decoded in the observers brain. The observer always interferes with the experiment.

In fact, the observer must interfere with the experiment in order to impart a validity to the Creation Idea. What is actually observed depends on the observer getting in the way of all radiating potential. The observer thus determines what ‘reality’ is experienced.

Those radiating frequencies emitted by the tree are regenerated into sound bodies (particle character) WITHIN the observers ear, and those auditory signals are decoded into sound by the brain.

If there were no living bodies to observe the universe then the frequencies emitted by any body would not be decoded, and the universe would have no apparent form at all !!!

You may have come across the idea that thought-bodies have a potentiality. That is, they have no physical form, but can become physical. Those potentialities have the ‘potential’ to become a particle, to become part of the physical universe.

The space between the Sun and the Earth is cold, because the COOLING radiation from the Sun needs to condense in order to regenerate the condition (warmth) of the Sun.
If an object enters the space between the Sun/Earth, then, that object would act as a condenser for the Sun’s emanation and would thus heat !!

There is a plane of zero curvature which exist between any two bodies. This plane acts like a condenser, to reverse centrifugal motion back to generating centripetal motion. The plane defines the balance point of their respective bodily potentials.

The Sun/Earth plane of zero curvature (PZC) lies much closer to the earth because the emanations from the Sun are of a much higher electrical pressure than that of the body of the Earth, which is why the earth is held buoyant at 93 millions distance. The Earth does push back, but the Sun is so much stronger. The plane thus lies where the emanation from the Earth match/balance that of the Sun’s.

However, as radiant light reaches this plane it changes direction and becomes a generative (cliff regenerative echo) stream focused on the Earth.
This is why space is cold and light invisible. As these streams are condensed again by the Earth, the conditions of the Sun are REPRODUCED here on Earth.

If the earth was capable of condensing ALL of the sun’s emanations, then the Earth would burn like the Sun !

When there is no observer to decode the surrounding wave motion then there is no reality to the universe at all. This is Natural Law and falls directly out of WRC.

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