#46 Power of Intent

One of the main goals of WR is to bridge the gap between a materialistic/scientific understanding of our world and the metaphysical/spiritual aspect to the entire Creation Idea. WR teaches that this electric universe of motion is set in motion through the active Thinking of the Creator, the Source of all things. Thought forms are then given bodies though motion and those bodies are held buoyant within the physical universe by the electric force of a Thinking Mind.

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I first became aware of the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto from the film above and his experimental results fitted WRC like a hand in a glove.
In fact, the entire film is completely harmonious with the teachings of WR.
This electric universe is a breathing, pulsing, vibrating, wavy entity. Your physical self is a complex vibrational pattern which has been crystallised/frozen into a physical body.

Your body interacts with the surrounding environment. Your thought affect how YOU interact with that environment. Your thoughts can thus enhance the overall vibrational pattern of the cosmos or they can negate that same cosmic pattern. This is the choice offered to you as ‘free will’.

Beethoven expressed his mind idea as a a body known in physical form as the 5th symphony.
This physical sound is the exact replica of his original metaphysical thought pattern.
When we listen to this body of music our senses can reproduce within our physical/metaphysical selves the emotions, feelings, and inspiration  that Beethoven himself felt and wanted to express.

In my only small way I too have noticed that when I address my plants especially all my trees (~120) with positive affirmation they do indeed respond and grow healthier as if imbued with a vitalising energy…hmmm !

6 thoughts on “#46 Power of Intent”

  1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see this movie again.
    The psychological part of it interested me the most – how thoughts, emotions and body work together.
    How I can become dependent on my partner being bad to me – not only on a psychological level, but also on a physical level, because the cells in my body are so accustomed to the chemicals of feeling bad, that when I deprive them from it, they crave for it.
    This is the reason why a woman who is beaten by her partner, has so much difficulties to leave him.
    We can also see this same dynamic from another viewpoint.
    If a father is brutal to his family the daughter will be traumatised. To be able to continue to live with her father, she must split that part of her, that is terrorised and find a survival strategy – for exampl she tries to please him.
    Her body is already programmed with the victim chemicals.
    So, being adult she falls in love with the emotional body of a man who can deliver the “stuff” her emotions and body are addicted to.
    Until the victim doesn’t recognize her survival pattern, feels the trauma of that little child and let go of the illusion to be loved by the men she is attracted to, she will continue to be abused again and again.
    Let’s have the courage and strength to face our fears, our sham, our guilt, our pain, our anger, our hate, our despair,… and make the world a better place.

    • Thanks Irene, I am delighted you got more than I had initially intended from the video. Dr. Emoto work was my prime motivation as our bodies are 80% water, which reveals an obvious new approach to mental/physical health for each one of us as well as the planet.

  2. Yes, the water transports the chemical and non-physical information through our body. The water is also related to the emotions and the emotions are the link between thoughts and our physical body.
    They get the body in motion or block the body.
    Thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic – so is water.
    I see a parallel with the conception of a child: The masculine, electrical thought-energy ignites the feminine, magnetc emotion-energy and a physical life is the result.
    I know that Walter Russell declares an only electrical world and I don’t agree.
    Or is he perhaps describing the magnetic attributes as electrical minus?
    Sorry, I’m not so in his work. But you will know the answer.

  3. From a scientific point of view there is a major flow: WR theory is an intent, not a scientific theory.
    To pretend to become a scientific theory, it should be measured relatively to experiment, do a prediction with the model. What is/are the prediction of the model ?
    I agree with WR that there is an aether, and probably this is the motivation , with the reintroduction of God in science, which I really think is the great innovation of WR, of this theory. But the cubic model make me think of a matrix like space.

  4. Bonjour Piero,
    I suppose you are coming at this from a belief that scientific theory/models are the benchmark against which all other theories must be measured, implying that the scientific model/method is the correct one. There is an expression in data analysis…
    ‘garbage in – garbage out’. WRC makes the point many times that science has jumped to too many incorrect conclusions and has built theories erected on shaky foundations.
    Silence/stillness is everywhere (omnipresent) and all motion arises from the stillness for a brief moment and return to that same stillness. WR offers the how/why this occurs and the motivation behind it. Think of your idea of a matrix as simply silence!

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