#48 Loop the loop

WR sums up the entire Creation cycle in the following way…

Cold generates, generation compresses, compression heats, heat radiates, radiation expands and expansion cools.

This cycle may be enhanced as follows.

  • Desire precedes action, action requires Thinking
  • Thinking utilises electric force
  • electric force imparts curvature
  • curvature implies polarity
  • polarity imparts motion
  • motion conveys the appearance of solidity
  • solidity creates stimuli for our sensing
  • sensed stimuli are decoded as reality

    In order to repeat this cycle,
  • Mind MUST relax
  • relaxing causes desire to wain
  • without desire – reality vanishes.

The End:)

2 thoughts on “#48 Loop the loop”

  1. Aloha…..incredible work on the site and WR so smart! The ‘loop de loop’ of life is for real and it does reside always where point charge intellect is. The position of point charge determines all in vertical charge. Human intellect exists as an actual ‘looping’ charge of the dipole moment it is in. To be aware as WR was is to feel the actual capacity to charge more…..to be ‘more’ relevant to the resonant chain of life force….to sense more life as point charge. To think about this exchange of frequency in vertical charge is irrelevant to human potential. As in all current MSS there is loss in human potential be there is no vertical thinking! The 2 way street of compression in the human brain is in feel to its universe….a chirality in thinking that delivers animate 3D force to every thought produced! The human looping moment is here to drive while present to the life that burns for it…..desire is one thing and will another! Mahalo

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