#47 Off Street Parking

WR teaches that this is not a material universe made up of things, rather it is a wavy patterned reality which is decoded as physical matter. Almost every principle adopted by MSS today should be viewed in reverse. For example, opposites do not attract as indicated by Coulomb, like seeks like.
No greater misunderstanding than the explanation applied by science to the electro-plating process highlights how our senses are deceived.

Anode Orientation

Let’s make one assumption, when driving your car, the front/nose is positive and the rear is negative. When it comes to parking you may have two choices but in the electric universe the electric field decides how you park your car.

Anodes demand you park nose first. This meas the rear of the car is always exposed. This creates the illusion that negative bodies are attracted to the anode. In fact, the positive front/nose is taken INTO the anode, leaving the rear as an exposed residue.

Cathodes demand you park in reverse. The rear is taken INTO the cathode leaving the positive aspect exposed to the outside. This creates the illusion that positive bodies are attracted to cathodes. This is why for example silver (Ag) is plated on cathodes.

Cathode Orientation

All matter moves and orientates itself to align with the electric environment. Comets align their heads towards the sun and tails towards the cathode of space for the same reason.

In man’s electro-plating devices, the battery provides the electric field not a route for non existent electron to flow.

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