#51 Poles Apart

Have you ever wondered why when you cut a bar-magnet in two rather than isolating the N/S poles from one another, two new poles become evident at the cut!

The explanation indicates how the metaphysical/physical realms interact and how the WRC perspective is more inclusive of Nature’s ways.

Thinking causes polarisation. A north poles is extended in one direction and a south pole in the opposite direction. These N/S poles project into our physical reality. What may not be known is, what remains within the metaphysical universe of those physical extensions.

The south pole extends into the physical but its own north poles remain tethered to the spiritual realm. This metaphysical aspect will act as a projection negative. Light shone though this north negative will project the physical south pole. Likewise, the opposite north pole extends into the physical, projected through its corresponding south pole negative which also remains within the metaphysical dividing equator.

When the incision is made,  regardless of where that incision occurs, new physical bodies are projected immediately from the respective metaphysical negatives. Polarity implies the Light is always on !

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