#52 Age-old question

We have all bee taught that the speed of light is constant. Have you ever considered why everyone ages at approximately the same rate. Everyone in the world who was born in 1970 is and looks today pretty much like a 48 year old body should. Why is this growth rate so constant?

Imagine, that in our great desire to grow in one direction, there is a ‘unseen’ force pushing back against you which prevents your body accelerating from your birthday to 20 years in a single week?

Could we describe that force as the backward flow of time?
Are there location in the universe when this backward force is reduced, so that light could accelerate further ?

How might we manipulate that backward force to retard growth and development… no, not with an anti-aging cream 🙂

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  1. This reminds me of the hands of a clock, which rotate clockwise and in equal increments. The universe is a one way motion… what is polar to what the sun emits? You cannot have art without thou in a polarized universe.

  2. The best anti-aging cure is to become conscious of what thoughts and emotions block the current of our life energy – what makes us ill and aging.
    If we can reintegrate all the parts we split from us and to become whole again, the full charge of life energy is available for our physical body.
    If we are in that free and expanded state we don’t need to eat other living being, we are fed by the life energy, which is freely available.

    • Irene, you sound like a Breatharian.
      I have been following Ray Maor work, he talks about being ‘fed’ by ‘prana’ or ‘chi’ energy, instead of tangible food substance.
      One paradigm or conscious shift coming up!

      • No John, I’m not a Breatharian.
        A good friend of mine did the 21-days-programm.
        It is a way to open our spiritual channel and to prove to us that the mind can change the physics of matter.
        Even if I resonate with that process because you gain a lot of time, get healthier and spend less money for food, I would not do it, because I’m already thin and don’t want to become thinner.
        Do you have some experience with this process?

  3. I have some information regarding people who partake in Sun staring for nourishment..I will look up the details when I get back to WR central 🙂
    This idea is not new and seems to have been practiced for millennia. This is a recent example.
    Drunvalo Melchizedek was the practitioner I remember reading about, though I was not convinced of its sole benefits.

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