#54 Redshift-NGC7603

We must be cognizant  that what we perceive as coloured light is only motion. Motion simulates the Light of Mind.
An assumption is made that light from distant bodies arrives here on earth unaltered, albeit with a longer wave frequency. The Doppler effect relies on this supposed fact.

All bodies including galactic bodies radiate.
There is however, a plane which exists between any two bodies where the electrical pressure of those bodies is equalised.
In the case of the Earth, the electrical push of the sun is balanced by the electrical push back of the earth at 93,000,000 miles. The earth is held buoyant as a result.

A correlation was developed by Edwin Hubble which related the observed shift in the red spectra of distant bodies and their brightness which in turn was supposedly an indicator of distance from the earth to that particular object. This added support to the expanding (only) universe theory. The universe was supposedly (entropy) dying a heat death.

WR teaches that the universe is indeed expanding but only because it is equally compressing. Both condition must be present simultaneously. One cannot have heat without cold. We can easily sense the expanding aspect, but cannot sense the compressing half of the cycle. This plane inverts the radiating centrifugal emanations of those distant bodies into centripetal generative streams. This is a direct result of crossing that dividing plane existent between any two bodies. This has unfortunate detrimental implication for big-bang theorists.

In the electric universe all bodies (stellar) align themselves with the electric field of their local environment. Predominantly electro-positive bodies fall towards anodes, while predominantly electro-negative bodies fall towards cathodes. Like aligns with like.

We know that ALL spheres roll faster than ALL hoops and disks. This implies that all spherical anodes will always revolve faster than ringed cathodes. This is why all paths between anodes and cathodes will describe a natural spiral path.

The findings of Dr. Arp associated with NGC7603 clearly indicates the assertion that redshift is an indicator of receding distance/speed in flawed. It seems more likely that the figures are an indicator of age. Object A is the parent, with the younger objects B, C, and D arranged in sequence.

Anodes are locations where bodies experience their fast orbital revolution (short years) and slow axial rotation (long days). This is how accumulation of potential is achieved.
Cathodes are location where bodies experience very long orbital revolutionary paths and very fast axial rotation. Spheres are turned into flat expanding disks en route to cathodes.

I propose that the light signature of distant bodies relates to their individual axial/orbital
motion and NOT their distance from earth.
B is the anode of A, but B is the cathode of C. C is the cathode of D.

Quasars do not follow the Hubble Law because the light data does not imply receding velocities. If this data were instead applied to axial rotation or orbital revolution of the  body then we may find a better explanation, a WRC perspective…

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