#53 Call 911

WR warns mankind in his book ‘Atomic Suicide’ of the dangers of bringing into our physical world the elemental patterns which were designed to do their work below ground. The radioactive elements provide a vital function in their correct environment buried deep within the Earth, where they can act upon the hard rock to reduce (break open) that rock to life giving humus and soil. These vital elements are so powerful, this planet only requires a sprinkling of them to do their work and as such, they have been distributed widely across the planet.

We are familiar that if we short out a fully charged car battery by placing a spanner across the terminals, the battery will instantly and violently unwind, possibly exploding in the process.
Radioactive elements will always do what they are designed to do, they cannot do otherwise. So, when these elemental expression are brought to the surface in large quantities, they will continue to do their work and ‘short out’ every expression of matter they contact.
Lining caskets with lead or aluminum will only delay the inevitable. Radioactive elements will accelerate all life to an premature death.

This is a series of photographs taken from Dr. Judy Wood’s book ‘Where did the towers go ?’

The photographs seem to indicate that the remaining steel/aluminum structure vapourised into nothingness as if matter was dematerialised in some way.
It seems reasonable that if physical matter (steel, concrete) were exposed to a very low electrical pressure then this effect would be inevitable. This is consistent with the teaching of WR who likens the exposure to radioactivity to that of boiling water at altitude. The low air pressure enable the water to boil at a lower temperature. Radioactivity enables matter to release its internal hub heat.

It seems someone already knows the secrets of Atomic Suicide.

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