#55 Fancy a swim?

The Earth is not being gravitationally pulled towards the Sun. The truth is the exact opposite.
The push of electrical pressure from the sun balances the electrical push from the earth at 93,000,000 miles. Where these opposed pressures are equal a plane is exposed which reverses the cooling, centrifugal, radiative emanations from the Sun and inverts them to heating, centripetal generative stream to vitalise the Earth. This is why the intervening space between Sun/Earth is cold, but the Earth is warm.

That heat never left the sun.

If the Earth was somehow moved closer to the Sun, the greater electrical pressure condition of the Sun would demand the Earth move and return to its balanced orbit.
If the Earth was somehow moved out to the orbit of Saturn, then the Earth’s own electrical conditioning would demand it move back to find its balanced orbit.

If science interpreted their observation in terms of electrical buoyancy between bodies they would have a better understanding of Nature’s techniques.

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  1. This is one of the great insights of WRC. Buoyancy as an organising principal for the material world can also be imagined for the spiritual.

    As defined by WR himself, we live in a universe of love. It is the source of all power. This is axiomatic to many sensitive people. Love, therefore is the thing against which all others balance. From particle to wave.

  2. The Earth is not being gravitationally pulled towards the Sun. The truth is the exact opposite.

    In contrast to the understanding from Walter Russel’s 1920 -1950 thinking cited in the article, more modern alternative descriptions can be given. We could say “The Earth is not pulled towards the Sun”, but rather is pushed towards the Sun; by a pressure that is the collective radiance (outward flowing energy) of all celestial entities. That radiance, pouring from all directions, creates a basically uniform pressure, and thereby pushes objects into spherical forms, (or those distorted variations of them created by rotational speeds, i.e. the flattened rotation-discs of solar systems and of galaxies.

    In our solar system about 99% of the total mass resides in the central star (Sun); the system also contains significant rotational energy —that exist’s almost entirely outside the Sun’s great mass. It’s in the form of orbiting planetary right-angular momentum. It counters the planets being pulled-or-pushed into the Sun. The great Sun mass was gathered by a centrifugal force/process; and the Sun disperses centripetally via radiance and ejective forces. Simultaniously, sustaining right angular momentum within the planets is a third process that stands in balance and contrast between the centrifigal and centripital dynamics.

    The earlier mentioned total-radiance-pressure, aka gravity, is not polar, but neutral; and stands in contrast to other forms of energy that have polarity, i.e. magnetism and electricity.

    Interestingly, our Sun emanates both radiance, and electricity-and-magnetism. Its radiance (charge-neutral) is primarily in the frequencies of heat and light, some ultraviolet; this energy is said to be in the form called photons, and in open space travels about 186,000 miles per second. In contrast to that emanating non-polarized energy, the material stream of polarized (charged) electrons, protons, (and sometimes neutrons within charged atoms) travel at non-relativistic speeds taking (instead of radiance’s 8 minutes) a couple of days to reach us here on earth. This polarized energy/substance stream, the “solar wind”, locally is mostly blocked by Earth’s magnetosphere —and is usually/mostly deflected under normal conditions— though a portion of it flows down the funnel-shaped regions where our magnetosphere gathers in/out of the planet’s poles. During extra large influx, atmospheric molecules within the polar magnetic funnels are energised into plasmic glow-discharge i.e. Auroras. After concentrated energy arrivals and significant Aurora’s, the following several weeks manifest significantly increased numbers of lightning storms around the planet.

    In contrast to the WR claim of no heat moving from Sun to Earth, we now have satellites measuring such energy continuously. It’s material-makeup is thinner than a gas, yet often contains billions of tons of charged and heated matter. One Solar-Weather site documents the changing temperature, speed, and density of the Solar Wind throughout the previous three days: http://spaceweathernews.com

    And with the Solar viewing satelites watching the eminations of solar flares and coronal mass ejections headed towards Earth we find NO evidence of an perpendicular intervening plane.

    The WR view is historically interesting, yet is also, at least partially, anachronistic. Thus it aids us in knowing that we must ongoingly keep paying attention.

    Regards, Hugh T.

    • Hi Hugh, thanks so much for your engaging thoughts. As WR teaches that the earth is a child of the sun, the earth is thus spiraling away from the sun rather than being gravitationally ‘attracted’ to it. The electrical condition of the earth maintains its E/W orbital path at 93 million miles.
      If the satellite was positioned at 20 million miles from the sun it would act as an anode … charging itself to such an extent it would be destroyed. All emanations from the sun are en route to the solar cathode. Any object which gets in the way will reverse these emanations to compressive streams which will charge the body, reproducing the conditions of the sun on that body.

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