#57 Cardinal Knowledge

Sailors and globetrotters of all kinds have for hundreds of years utilised a compass to navigate a safe passage as they traveled the globe. The ‘magnetic’ needle of the device aligns with the fields and curvature of the planet and guides the traveler accordingly.
The device has one limitation which if understood would in turn force a change of the dogma associated with the forces which govern our planet. The needle is free to rotate in one plane and it is this restriction which prevents it from indicating the true location of the earth’s N-pole.

WR teaches that if the compass was also free to bob up/down on its fulcrum like a see-saw and deployed at the above the arctic circle the needle would be free to point down between your feet indicating that the true N-pole is located at the earth’s center. The earth is not a bar-magnet with its poles simply extended as is commonly believed.

If the same compass was taken to the antarctic pole, the same result would be obtained.
The earth is a double magnet who’s N-pole is located at the hub, and every direction away from this hub is the direction of south.

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