#58 Fly me to the Moon

We have all been taught that opposites attract, implying that (+/-) attractive forces are at play in holding this universe together. WR has an altogether different explanation of the machinations which appear to underpin our understanding of the dynamic physical universe.

Consider a flight from NY (positive anode) to London (negative cathode) which one boards in mid-Atlantic.

Passengers who live in NY will pile into the aircraft not because they are attracted to one another but because they wish to accumulate (+/+) in NY city. During the flight those same passengers may seem to be attracted to one another but there is no attractive force at play at all other than a common desire to accumulate at the anode.
Likewise, passengers who wish to accumulate in London will on cursory inspection appears to exhibit a force of attraction rather than an desire to accumulate (-/-) at the cathode (London).

Every single expression of matter, material, wave or particle in this physical reality is an electrically conditioned body which has a inherent desire to find balance between the poles of any polarised condition. This inherent desire motivates ALL bodies to move in one direction or another towards the anode/cathode of the surrounding environment. These bodies are NOT attracted to the poles themselves as is commonly believed rather, they move to minimise their own electric condition with respect to their surrounding environment. Positive, charging bodies will migrate towards positive anode, while radiating, discharging bodies will migrate towards the cathode.

In an electric universe, the forces are electrical not gravitational.

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