#60 Amicable Separation

When separating out any type of mixture, man tends to employ the same universal technique. Introduce the mixture at one end and rely on a differential gradient (resistance) of some kind to separate the mixture into the desired individual constituents before they reach the opposite extremity.

A good analogy is a fast flowing river, whereby the material to be separated enters the water at one end (cathode) and the most buoyant items will race ahead carried on the fast flowing surface leaving the dense bulky items behind in their wake. This technique is used to good effect in many aspects of our daily life. Nature though has different ideas.

WR teaches that we live in two-way universe of motion. Rather that ‘injecting’ physical matter into the universe at one extremity to be carried on a cosmic current to the opposite pole, Source is introduced at the mid-point (bloc wall) between those two N/S polar extremes.

This implies that instead of the Cosmic river flowing simply in one direction, it flows in opposed streams so that the Cosmic current will carry positive dense matter towards the positive anode and nebulous matter will be carried in the opposite direction towards the cathode.

If matter is predominantly centripetal, it will orientate and migrate towards the anode. On the other hand, if matter is predominantly centrifugal, it will orientate and migrate towards the cathode.

As observers, we tend to perceive the universe as a outsider looking in 🙁

A little extra topping
LiF crystal
By Benjah

We know that LiF are the best of mates. No other element is capable of separating these two balanced mates. In terms of WRC we can describe their interaction in terms of curvature and say that their opposed forces balance to such an extent that they minimise their individual curvature and exhibit an almost straight dividing plane.

This manifests in our physical reality as a white almost cubic crystalline salt.

In electrical terms we could describe the union of LiF as a shorting out of the Li anode with the F cathode. Shorting out tends to minimise curvature.

Batteries and supercaps have a very simple sturcture. The energy density of these devices depends on the quality of the active material, while the voltage depends on the electrolyte used.

Li-ion batteries follow this basic design and are very popular in all aspects of energy storage. The electrolyte used in these common cells is LiPF6 or lithium hexafluorophosphate.

6 F to 1 Li

Do you agree that the P in LiPF6 is acting like the separator in a basic battery design?

Phosphorus is preventing Li from shorting out with F.
Would you also agree that packing the cathode with six F : 1 Li is effectively multiplying the CONICAL potential as WR suggests should be done?
So, rather than a Li : F we have increase the relationship to Li : 6F

Does this explain why Li-ion cells are so efficient and deliver about 150 Wh/Kg?

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  1. Well Said – Well Written.
    Unifying the Duality in us in Consciousness is on the Ascension with some help from the Stars lately as I was Writing along the exact same lines Today.
    Keep up the Good Work

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