#61 Rear End

WR teaches that all expression is created in pairs. We can easily imagine this division yielding both positive/negative characteristics. We would be mistaken if we thought this also included the division into separate male and female bodies !
This issue has caused a lot of confusion because WR directly associates the negative aspect of Creation with both expressing as female and with the expanded cathode condition.

Division creates a simultaneous two, yes a positive/negative.
Male and female bodies are created sequentially, a division into three so to speak!

The two positive anodes are extended sequentially from a common negative cathode. Every single aspect of Creation is both simultaneously positive/negative but is sequentially male/female.

The male rear (negative cathode) is hardly female, likewise the female rear (negative cathode) is not male

When you observe a typical bar-magnet for instance, it is manifesting positive/negative character and NOT male/female bodies.

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