#62 Suspended Animation

Imagine for a moment if we could somehow freeze an explosion approximately 1 second after detonation. All the properties and characteristics of that fireball are retained in that frozen moment. We can continue to experience the expanding pressure/heat at some considerable distance.

Suspended Radioactive Decay

Now, imagine this single suspended condition could be maintained for 10,000 years. Prolonged exposure would melt or incinerate all expression of life.
This is the reality we have created for ourselves by accumulating and releasing large quantities of radioactive material above and below ground. We have already signed the death warrant for our species and indeed our planet. When this simple condition is multiplied to millions/billions of such fireballs then the real extent of our meddling becomes apparent not just for the present but indeed the future generations.
The big question is, how might this situation be reversed ?
Can we as a species be equally creative at saving the planet as we seem to be at destroying it ?

All elemental matter will decay naturally back to the seed condition of the inert gases. This is why helium is so abundant within our perceived reality.

Could we for instance short circuit this suspended fireball causing it to decay rapidly in a controlled way to helium ?
How could we even get close to such a dangerous condition without ourselves being adversely affected by such an aggressive unwinding radiation ?
A solution which may take 10,000 years to complete is of little comfort.

In short, can the genie ever be put safely back into the bottle ?

Containing the problem from the outside might not be the prudent technique. Does WRC offer an insight which could be our salvation ?
Can this runaway radiative/decaying cycle be somehow reversed to a generative cycle ?

Could we perhaps use the techniques of the judo/sumo masters and use the forces of our opponent against itself ?

What if we could set up a vibrational pattern which was out of phase with the radioactive emanation, do you think we could void/flatline our destruction ?

4 thoughts on “#62 Suspended Animation”

  1. WR explains, all perceived matter does not act in isolation: what happens here, is reflected everywhere, as each sphere-cube optical interface repeats/mirrors the vibrational pattern to each neighbouring electrical field (in respective cube-sphere ratios).
    Is it possible to isolate, limit and reduce enormous radioactive explosions for extended durations? The idea of perfectly neutralising the radiation with 180 degrees out of phase frequencies, at the same point of the fireball emanation, has merit.
    Since we do not know how to generate micro-suns, generative implosion technology is not a CURRENT possibility. Destruction is the inevitable conclusion.

  2. If the late Benjamin Creme is to be believed, our space brothers have actually been quite active at doing just this for decades – imploding the dangerous radioactive clouds building up in the atmosphere which WR warned about. According to Creme, we would have been toast already if it were not for such interventions they are carrying out to keep us from poisoning the solar system.

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