#63 Snowflake Generation

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John Wheeler and later Richard Feynman promoted the idea that because electrons have the same properties (mass, charge) that those individual particles are in fact the same single electron. They even got paid for this work which only encouraged them to keep digging ! (One)

Science assumes that chemical reactions exchange identical electrons while every electric engineer believes the current flowing in a conducting wire is composed of those same identical negative particles. (All the same)

WR on the other hand teaches that there is no such thing as an individual electron. All matter manifests within the physical universe imbued with apparently individual physical characteristics solely because its own electric conditioning. These conditions are dynamic and never keep a fixed electrical signature. This is why man apparently has so many names for all the ‘different’ sub-atomic observations. The universe is a living breathing body in constant motion.
WR’s perspective of curvature implies that positive potential accumulates on the inside at the hub centers, while negative potential accumulates on the outside of that same  hub. This geometry is a living, breathing field in constant flux and as such the outer negative field is in constant dynamic motion. It’s electrical identity is in constant motion. No two negative environments are identical and as such no two ‘electrons’ are identical. (None)

We know for example, that Nature grows unique snowflake patterns. This is because each flake begins life at a different spatial location. Every location within the perceived universe has its own electrical identity which is subtlety different from its neighbor. WR would say that two particles side by side would exhibit a subtle difference in one or more of the 18 dimensions which defines their individual physical characteristics. Water is capable of recording those subtle electrical differences of dimension as unique crystal patterns.

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