#64 Play it again – Sam !

Imagine a piece of music which when played at the correct tempo (10 minutes) produce sounds with have rhythm, timbre, and soul which can induce an emotional response within the audience.
If we now define this standard 10 minute piece of music as 1 unit of visible light.

The notes comprising this piece of music appear out of the silent piano strings and disappear back into that same silence in a cyclic rhythmic fashion. It is the desire to express which keeps the strings in motion.

If we now compress this piece of music from the normal 10 minutes duration down to 1 second and allow it to play !

The entire piece is completed in a 1 second data burst.
This unit of light has been compressed from the visible range into the x-ray/gamma ray range. Exactly the same information is present but it is delivered in 1 second rather than 10 minutes !

Our emotional response this 1 second burst would be almost non-existent although the effects would not go unnoticed by other forms of matter.
Likewise, if that same piece of music was now extended from 10 minutes out to 1 year,  you can well imagine the emotional response to the very low frequencies.
Once again, all the musical information is present, albeit as very long wavelengths. The mood, tone, feel and soul would certainly be lost to the normal ear !
Does this simple analogy not describe ALL OF CREATION ?
Sun’s are expressed in 1 second while inert gases are expressed in a year.

When the music is delivered in 1 second we experience x-rays, when delivered in 10 minutes we experience visible, audible information, and when delivered in 1 year we experience ELF. Space is not empty, nor is it a vacuum.

If the universe can expand then it must be equally capable of contraction.

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