#65 Purple Haze

WR describes how division of the light spectrum into red/blue halves form the underpinning of our perceived universe. The reds are assigned to the compressing, hot, positive side of perceived reality while the blues are assigned to the expanded, cold, negative side the the spectrum.

All seems well to a point because we all tend to perceive the reds, yellows and greens in the foreground with the blue hues describing the background. The red side of the spectrum appears to be compressed while the blue side of the spectrum appears to be expanded or have longer wavelengths. This condition is augmented when we look out towards deep space at night time.

A problem arises with these observations because we know UV radiation has a very short high intensity wavelength and the colour purple in our visible spectrum appears to be composed of red and blue character in equal degree. These qualities support WR’s ascertain that division creates two anodes describe as +/-/+ rather than the generally accepted belief of a simpler +/- division process.

The +/-/+ division process implies both the red and blue colour spectra compress which again is fine to a point, because while the blues may compress to purple, the reds compress to yellow/incandescence and not red which is required to mix with blue to make violet/purple !

Do you think the following is a possible explanation, if we set an arbitrary value for purple in the 5th octave at 500 Hz, will that colour repeat in the 6th/7th/8th and 9th octaves at 1000, 2000, 4000 and 8000Hz ?

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