#70 Daydreamer

One of the most important lessons imparted by WR is that we all are intrinsically connected to one another, to the cosmos at large and to Source itself. Our modern, busy, materialistic world is constructed to appease our egotistic desires that we have lost touch with our own sense of ourselves. In fact, our modern world has been designed primarily to keep us all separated from our true Selves. If we are kept distracted by all the bling then we have little chance of finding our route back to Source.

WR describes how the the degree of curvature determines the perceived expression of matter or indeed life itself. We mistakenly confuse our need for speed and hectic lifestyles as the ultimate expression of life. We tend to rate our lives based on our occupation and accumulated toys.

The ancient practices of meditation and yoga turn this egocentric desire on its head by actively seeking the opposite condition for mind and body namely complete stillness. Stillness implies a condition of minimum curvature. WR teaches that Source resides in planes of zero (no) curvature. Therefore, the state of mind and body that best replicates this zero curvature is by definition in a state closest to Source itself.

In school, the daydreamer is frowned upon. We as a society, actively discourage our innate connection to inspirational and spiritual consciousness. Childhood is all too often short-circuited by our desire for the most spiritually connected of our species to imitate us rather than allowing for them to experience their childhood cosmic light at every opportunity. Almost everything we do, perceive or understand about our world and cosmos is inverted.

In order to resolve all our personal, world issues we must disregard the outward looking ego aspect of ourselves and instead focus our attention towards our central core, the location of our centering plane of zero curvature.

WRC teaches that we and every aspect of this creating universe is centered by Source itself.

Turn inwards my friends.

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  1. Hi there. I´m from Brazil. What do you mean with “turn inwards”? Do I have to imaginate a point inside me and focus that point? I.m sorry… I didn´t visualized the meaning of this turn inwards…Could you explain it a little bit more? ( sorry for my english)

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