#71 Safe Sex

Steady on!!
Now, that I have your attention, consider the following mindful experiment.

Close your eyes an imagine a metronome or some device transmitting a single sound from directly in front of you. Your sense of hearing locates that sound and your brain confirms that the sound is located directly in front of you. There is no reason to suspect any other explanation !

Now, this sound will be divided so that it will be transmitted alternately from your right side then your left side. This new set-up is exactly analogous to how the division process described by WR is sex divided into both male/female aspects of the SAME one single Idea. One hears the sound on the right, then after a period it appears on the left and the cycle continues, right, left, right, left.
We can easily envisage this oscillating right/left emission as a wave form.

Every single expression within this physical universe owes it actual location NOT because it actually exists there at a single fixed point in space but rather as the RESULTANT of an oscillating divided, polarised wave expression. Without this oscillation the universe of apparent physical ‘things’ could not exist.

The manifestation of every single physical expression of matter/form is the resultant of a sexed union. When the divided notes are sounded in phase from the right apex and the left apex simultaneously, or fast enough not to be detected by our sensing then we hear the combined male/female sound as if it was directly in front of us and no longer oscillating right/left.
The facts are however, there is simultaneous right/left oscillation between divided pairs of sexed opposites which when in balanced union or in phase create a fantom note at the very center. NaCl is the fantom salt which results from balanced sex union between sodium and chlorine.
This is why matter has duel character.
The illusionary particle manifests in the center as a result of an in phase, balanced union of opposite aspects which were set in wave motion. The wave was created when the initial sound/note was polarised or divided.

Nothing is what it seems. This is an fantom universe of apparent solidity created solely by motion. A physical universe of shadows. Our sensing has been programmed to interpret those shadows as real physical ‘things’.

The note which results from plucking a guitar string can only manifest as a physical note when the string is free to oscillate above/below the silent still position.

Sex, union, and resultant physicality are all in the mind !

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