#72 Electric Smile

WRC is a living philosophy. As one develops inner sensory perception, Nature’s electric underbelly is exposed for all keen eyed observers. Electricity and electric current are difficult concepts to understand particularly when presented with never ending mathematically formulae purporting to describe our physical world. WR is keen for all students to bring his philosophy into their daily lives and to engage in an active dialogue with Source. This is the technique whereby one can fine tune ones cosmic antenna to enhance the exchange of cosmic knowledge and inspirational thought forms.

WR and indeed Tesla himself describe the electric current flowing around the wire and not in the wire. This is of course contrary to what we may have been taught of indeed experienced with our simple circuits.
When you squeeze a tube of toothpaste the pressure exerted by the sphincter pressure of your hand causes the paste to be extruded from one end of the tube. The current that Tesla and WR describe, applies to the loops of force which surround a wire. These loops act in the same way your hand extrudes the paste. Large open loops apply minimal pressure (low voltage) while small compressed loops apply a large extrusion force.

dc current – anerobic respiration

In the case of electric current, the ‘extrusion’ alternates in both direction so nothing actually moves from the wire, rather the loop pushing/compressing force oscillates to vibrate the current in the wire.

WR teaches that loops are CAUSE and precede all electric effect (current). Loops are thoughts in motion, unseen for the most part but they underlie our entire physical universe.

Alternating current is an inhalation/exhalation breathing cycle whereas direct current is a prolonged exhalation.

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